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  • Image from the movie "Shine Your Eyes"

    Film Review: ‘Shine Your Eyes’ Searches for Elusive Meaning in the Streets of São Paulo

    You may not know it from its typical portrayals in the media, but Brazil’s São Paolo is one of the world’s most culturally diverse cities. As one character remarks in Matias Mariani’s debut feature “Shine Your Eyes,” this bustling metropolis “could very well be London.” Much like that European melting pot, São Paolo is home […] More

  • Image from the movie "Yes, God, Yes" 2019

    Film Review: ‘Yes, God, Yes’ Is a Mild Damnation of Catholic Schooling

    Karen Maine’s quasi-autobiographical “Yes, God, Yes“ turns the clock back to the early 2000s. This was a time when the internet first became in vogue for activities beyond innocuous research. Maine’s feature film debut, based off her short of the same name, incorporates the early wave of cybersex with a Catholic high school girl’s sexual […] More

  • Image from the movie "The Painted Bird" 2019

    Film Review: ‘The Painted Bird’ Is Historical Art At Its Most Painful

    Václav Marhoul’s “The Painted Bird” makes “The Revenant” look like a stroll in the park. Through nine grueling chapters, audiences endure one of the most heart-wrenching World War II stories ever told. Adapted from Jerzy Kosinski’s bleak novel of the same name, this black-and-white retelling of a Jewish war orphan’s (Petr Kotlár) abuse-ridden journey across […] More

  • Image from the movie "The Beach House" 2020

    Film Review: ‘The Beach House’ Is a Tidal Wave of Terrestrial Terror

    When it comes to desolate oceanfront vacations, it’s best to keep your baggage at home. In the case of Jeffrey A. Brown’s debut “The Beach House,” that means leaving behind benign personal crises since things are about to get a lot more malignant. Admittedly, nothing can prepare college couple Emily and Randall (Liana Liberto and […] More

  • Image from the movie "Relic" 2020

    Film Review: ‘Relic’ Is Devastating in Its Brilliance

    Dementia is one of the most insidious illnesses to befall the elderly, and Natalie Erika James uses it as the foundation for the deeply unnerving and surprisingly emotional horror story, “Relic.” It begins with the type of phone call no one ever wants to receive: “Your elderly mother is missing.” Kay (Emily Mortimer) and her […] More

  • Image from the movie "The Old Guard" 2020

    Film Review: ‘The Old Guard’ Is a Fresh Take on the Timeless Need for Superheroes

    After years of directorial excellence, Gina Prince-Bythewood is finally granted a budget worthy of her greatness. “The Old Guard” marks the first superhero movie released by a major studio with a Black woman at the helm. Without the pressures of franchise uniformity, Prince-Bythewood uses the popular genre to dig into the everlasting merits of heroism. […] More

  • Image from the movie "My Spy" 2020

    Film Review: ‘My Spy’ Is Cliched but Somewhat Charming

    It is a time-honored tradition that every big, tough action star must show their softer side in a family friendly movie with a pint-sized co-star. Schwarzenegger had “Kindergarten Cop.” Vin Diesel was “The Pacifier.” For John Cena, it was “Playing With Fire.” And now, Dave Bautista takes his turn in Amazon’s latest, “My Spy.” Bautista […] More

  • Image from the movie "7500" 2019

    Film Review: ‘7500’ is a First-Class Comeback for Joseph Gordon-Levitt

    Unlike the titular promise of Patrick Vollrath’s Academy Award-nominated live action short, everything will not be okay in “7500.” The German filmmaker’s feature film debut finds Joseph Gordon-Levitt returns to acting after a four-year hiatus, his tremendous talent unaffected by absence. As commercial airline copilot Tobias Ellis, Gordon-Levitt takes viewers on a seemingly uninterrupted, real-time […] More

  • Image from the movie "You Should Have Left" 2020
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    Film Review: ‘You Should Have Left’ Never Fully Arrives

    David Koepp, prominent screenwriter of blockbuster classics like “Jurassic Park” and “Mission: Impossible,” takes a directorial stab at horror and gets lost in construction. “You Should Have Left” has Kevin Bacon reckoning with author Daniel Kehlmann’s hypnotic source material about a haunted house that blurs the lines between reality and dream. The former “scream king” […] More

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