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  • mhs

    Saying Goodbye To Marist High School: My Alma Mater

    Today my alma mater, Marist High School closed its doors forever. To say Marist has meant the world to me is an understatement. High school was simultaneously the best and most difficult time of my life. Trying to figure yourself out, trying to navigate relationships, discovering and realizing your passions, and most of all building […] More

  • QT9 R 00110 smaller

    Analysis: Credit to Quentin Tarantino and His Writing of Female Characters

    It was an otherwise calm news day on the Croisette, back in May, at the Cannes Film Festival. That is until the “Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood” press conference began and proceeded to set the internet on fire. Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino was posed a pointed question by the New York Times about why he chose […] More

  • Emma Stone Olivia Colman The Favourite

    Queer Girl: 2019 Oscars & LGBTQIA+ Representation-Examining “The Favourite”

    I’m Selina, Awards Circuit’s queer Girl Friday for everything LGBTQIA+ on film and TV! The Oscar nominees are here, and the race for gold is officially on. But how are the Oscar nominees impacting LGBTQIA+ storytelling? Each week I’ll be taking a closer look at the Oscar nominees and the LGBTQIA+ representation in them: the […] More

  • Spider Man Into the Spider Verse Miles Morales

    ‘Into the Spider-Verse’ Reinvents the Cinematic Spider-Man Through Meta-Comedy and Meta-Commentary

    Over the past sixteen years, moviegoers have watched Spider-Man a lot. So much so, that many people had been sick of the character. Not only did we get a Sam Raimi trilogy, a failed “Amazing Spider-Man” franchise, and the reintroduction of the Tom Holland Spider-Man into the MCU (he’s already done three movies there). We even just received […] More

  • Awards Circuit Alan Black Panther

    Reframing ‘Black Panther’ as a ‘Star Wars’ or ‘Fellowship of the Ring’ Contender

    For years, the Oscars have suffered from a dual problem. On one hand, many casual moviegoers feel they are out of touch. Ratings have dropped in part because popcorn films and blockbusters don’t get nominated for Oscars. That’s only partly the Oscar’s fault, especially with the quality of studio blockbusters declining in recent years. On […] More

  • abandoned Movie Theater

    Theater Thoughts: Bookstore Method Keeping Local Theaters Alive

    The theater is neither dying not diminishing. It is changing. But what about those theaters that do not have the resources or opportunity to grow and change? Are the smaller venues doomed to become obsolete? Small theaters face many hurdles. Unpredictable box offices, rising studio retention rates, and economic threats constantly plague these brave little […] More