Chance the Rapper and MGM to Develop a New Musical ‘Hope’


Chance the Rapper may not have been a household name a few years ago. In fact, even after the success of “Acid Rap,” many had never heard of the multifaceted performer. However, that changed with the release of “Coloring Book,” an EP that forced the Grammys to change its rules regarding eligibility. The free mixtape became a huge success, earning Chance three Grammys and propelling him to stardom. Today, the performer continues to pay it forward and find ways to create new art. Now, he will develop a new musical with MGM to create a new musical “Hope” for theatrical distribution.

“Hope” will be produced by Chance’s Haight Films producer Pat Corcoran and Tradecraft producer Scott Bernstein. Bernstein worked on “Straight Outta Compton” and helped bring the story of N.W.A. to life. The screenplay comes from Carlito Rodriguez, who also worked on “Empire” and “The Leftovers.” Most importantly, the music and songs come from Grammy-winning artist Nico Segal, often known as Donnie Trumpet. Chance and Segal collaborated on “Surf” in 2015 as the group The Social Experiment. The two have strong roots in Chicago, where “Hope” will be based.

The story of “Hope” will follow a group of teenagers who turn to art in order to unite their community. With Chance and Segal heading the project, this is far from a surprise. What will be interesting is who will sign on for the project in the coming months. A project like this one seems to have stemmed from the success of films like “La La Land,” “The Greatest Showman” and the revival of musicals. Next year, we get Trey Edward Shultz‘s “Waves” jukebox musical as well. It’ll be curious to see this project come alive, and it continues to be a fun time for fans of the genre.

What do you think about “Hope” coming from MGM and Chance the Rapper? Do you think Segal can craft strong music to fit the narrative? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments below! 

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