Charlie Kaufman’s next directorial project is on life support


I don’t think it surprises anyone that Charlie Kaufman was planning a real weird film for his sophomore outing behind the camera. He’s perhaps the most unique screenwriter in the business, and if anything, he goes even further out there when he gets to direct as well. His next project is the musical ‘Frank or Francis’ and centers on the world of online film criticism (with the likes of Jack Black and Nicolas Cage in the cast). It sounds pretty much as interesting as it a hard sell to the general filmgoing public, so it’s maybe not such a surprise that The Playlist is reporting here that would be co-star Elizabeth Banks is saying that the film is at the very least delayed, if not outright canceled. You can read what she said after the jump, but cross your fingers that this film still gets made….

Here’s what Banks said in the article from The Playlist:

“We didn’t get to shoot that movie,” Banks said when asked about the status of the film while doing press for her current film, “People Like Us.” “It was ready to go, and, as many movies do, it fell apart at the last minute.”

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