We’ve received a strong batch of official submissions for the Foreign Language race at the Oscars this year. From Iraq to Japan, more countries are making their decisions. Earlier submission can engage in a genuine campaign. With the race seemingly getting bigger every year, this may become a necessity. Today, Chile officially picked their entry for the 2019 Oscars. Their pick, “And Suddenly the Dawn” comes from Silvio Caiozzi.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the film was picked after taking home the Grand Prix prize at the Montreal Film Festival. Considering Chile’s submission should be treated with respect given their recent run of success. Last year, “A Fantastic Woman” grabbed the prize for Best Foreign Language film. The year before, the Oscar short “Bear Story” became the first Chilean film to win an Oscar. In 2012, Chile also received a nomination for “No,” directed by Pablo Larrain.

Caiozzi will not be a household name to many, even perhaps to cinephiles. The director took off 13 years after his last film “Cachimba” in 2004. Even before that, Caiozzi showed a pension for taking time between projects. Despite working since 1974, Caiozzi only has 7 feature-length credits to his name. His most recent project was a documentary series in 2010.

Chile knows how to get its films in the best position to campaign, but this year is buzzier than ever in the foreign language categories. With films like “ROMA” slated to compete in the category, as well as Cannes standouts “Shoplifters,” “Burning” and “Cold War,” foreign language might have the strongest group of films in years. “And Suddenly the Dawn” already picked up prizes at festivals, making it a strong choice for the South American country. Watch for this one as a dark horse to make the shortlist.

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