Christian Bale has left Danny Boyle and Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs biopic


christianbalestevejobs-618x400This is starting to become a trend. First it was David Fincher pulling out of potentially directing this biopic of Steve Jobs, which would have reunited him with writer Aaron Sorkin, then it was potential star Leonardo DiCpario. Now, it’s original first choice and presumed actual star of the film Christian Bale.

According to a report, Bale decided that he wasn’t right for the part and has pulled out of the role. This comes on the heels of Jessica Chastain and Seth Rogen being in negotiations for the roles, with the latter being up for the juicy Steve Wozniak role. Now, director Danny Boyle and scribe Sorkin will have to find a new Jobs, with previously mentioned candidates like Ben Affleck, Bradley Cooper, and Matt Damon probably at the top of the list. All three of those would work, though I’m personally most interested in seeing Affleck possibly get a crack at this material. We’ll see what happens, but it’s a bummer that Bale won’t be in this. The movie was planning to shoot this year, so it would have been a 2015 contender for sure. It still likely will be, but now their schedule might be thrown off. Stay tuned to see how this all turns out and who winds up playing Jobs. It was one of the most coveted roles in the business (and is again now), so I doubt there will be trouble finding a replacement.


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