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This week’s Circuit 3 was sandwiched in between the release dates of two of the best films of the year – Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity and Paul Greengrass’ Captain Phillips. Both films involve characters struggling against the odds to survive the situations they’ve been pitted against, and so it made sense to have this week’s motif be Survival Flicks. It seems the fight to stay alive is a major theme this year. In a few weeks, we will be seeing J. C. Chandor’s All is Lost, starring Robert Redford as a man lost at sea. By all accounts it appears Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave – about a free man sold to slavery – will be a journey of survival as well. Prisoners. Lone Survivor. Out of the Furnace. Like I said, it seems a major theme for cinema in 2013.

Think about what survival means to you. Most films in this genre involve surviving the elements, but there are many sub-genres including post-apocalyptic, natural disasters, etc. Just let your list reflect what you feel a survival flick is, since I’m sure there will be many interpretations of it.

My Circuit 3 for Survival Flicks:

  1. The Pianist (2002)
  2. Gravity (2013)
  3. Children of Men (2006)

What are your three favorite/best survival flicks?

What do you think?

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Written by Mark Johnson

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Joey Magidson

1. The Shawshank Redemption
2. Into the Wild
3. Cast Away


1. Life of Pi
2. 127 Hours
3. Aliens

Paula Nicole Gajardo Camposano

1 Zombieland
2 Into the Wild
3 The Killing Fields

Steve Glansberg

wow, there are some pretty cool choices so far. It wouldn’t have crossed my mind to include Children of Men, Zombieland, and Aliens as survival movies, but they fit for sure.

1. The Pianist

2. Rescue Dawn

3. Gravity

Eric Brown

127 Hours
Life of Pi
Apollo 13


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