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Circuit Breaker Ep. 185: AC Birthday Features, and Unconventional Top 10 Picks

Talking the new website features along with classic movie talk…

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Welcome to the podcast “Circuit Breaker! The Awards, & TV Podcast,” part of the CIRCUIT BREAKER MEDIA NETWORK. “Circuit Breaker” is a weekly podcast show with host and site editor and owner Clayton Davis. With a team of panelists including Mark Johnson, Joey Magidson, Chris James, and Karen Peterson, along with other guests, we discuss movies, television and all the awards shows that need predicting. New episodes are released every Monday. Podcasts produced by Drew Griffith.
Find the show on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram at @Circuit_Pod, email us at and submit your comments and questions at the bottom of the episode.
On the agenda:
  • Awards Circuit Birthday!
  • New website and features. The crew takes one of the quizzes on the site
  • (Possible) Movie releases everyone’s excited about
  • Listener Questions
  • Unconventional Top 10 picks




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Written by Drew Griffith


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  1. Cinephile Showdown:

    Hugh Jackman or Christian Bale in The Prestige?

    Brad Pitt or Leonardo DiCaprio in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood?

    Aaron Eckhart or Gary Oldman in The Dark Knight?

    Viola Davis or Denzel Washington in Fences?

    Sally Field or Tommy Lee Jones in Lincoln?

  2. Two questions for circuit breaker:

    1. Has there been a season of a tv show, or a performance in a season of a tv show, that you would put as your number of that year if you combined movies and tv?

    2. Delete the Actor for 2008

  3. Pick a movie and give it enough nominations so that it has nominations in four acting categories. You can pick any performance if there are multiples, or more than one. You don’t have to remove any real life nominees to make room (unless you want to) but I’m interested in seeing what movies have four performances that are worthy of nominations.

    Some suggestions:

    Titanic – Add Actor (DiCaprio), Supporting Actor (Zane),
    American Beauty – Add Supporting Actor (Wes Bentley/Chris Cooper), Supporting Actress (Mena Suvari/Thora Birch)
    Marriage Story – Add Supporting Actor (Alda/Liotta)

  4. I don’t think anyone is going to read this because it’s so late. But my life has been an 80-100 hour work week since the end of april being in the business I’m in. I’ve been anxious to get to it because you guys did a wonderful thing by doing the take one out and put one it that I asked for. Love when you guys do that. I have a huge problem though. You all in the last episode took out Jaime Foxx in 2004 for Collateral and gave the reason of him being a lead (which I agree with) and then had no problem keeping Affleck in 2007 while all acknowledging he’s a lead. I don’t get it. While I’m not nearly as big of a fan of the film as some. I do think he was amazing but he’s a lead….and much like Pitt’s this year I can’t watch the film and make an argument to put him supporting. And I’ll put a guy or gal supporting if I can make any argument for it and they are campaigning for it. But I can’t do it and don’t get how you can answer the question one way for Foxx and not do the same for Affleck just because he was so good. So while I agree with Clayton’s inclusion of Hawke…i remove Affleck.

    Also completely disagree on Michael Clayton and the performances you took out…but completely agree on The American…loved one and didn’t like the other at all.

    Also agree Up in the Air is Clooney’s best performance and it should be his only oscar. But I’d nominate him a bunch including for Michael Clayton.

    Tom Cruise nominations for me…Born on the 4th of July, A Few Good Men, Jerry Mcguire, Eyes Wide Shut and Magnolia (only win)…I can’t go with supporting on collateral….two leads for me.

    Thanks again guys and girl and keep doing those….and if you have already I will catch up.

    • Just wanted you to see that I did read this and thank you for including your thoughts, even after the fact. Please keep coming back and contributing thoughts to the conversation.

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