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Circuit Breaker Episode 116: Indie Spirit Noms, Oscar Pet Peeves, and ‘Vice’

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CircuiBreaker CoverWelcome to the Awards Circuit podcast titled “CIRCUIT BREAKER!,” a weekly podcast from featuring host Clayton Davis along with panelists Sam Coffey, Mark Johnson, Joey Magidson, Chris James, and Karen Peterson. We discuss movies, television and all the awards shows that need predicting. New episodes are released every Monday.

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On the agenda:

  • Talking a bit about Lily James who may be a Golden Globe nominee for “Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again.”
  • We lost two-time Oscar-winning screenwriter William Goldman.  We’re speaking about his best works.
  • The Independent Spirit Award Nominations were announced and we talk about the nominees that included a bunch for “If Beale Street Could Talk” and “First Reformed” and the omissions of “Boy Erased” and “The Old Man & the Gun.”
  • Putting a focus on convincing the Academy to expand back to a “straight 10” in Best Picture versus the sliding scale.
  • The first reactions to “Vice” and the entry of Christian Bale and Amy Adams in the Oscar race.  Also gauging the talk on “Mary Poppins Returns” and Emily Blunt.
  • Pet Peeves are the Oscars are discussed.  What are some of yours?
  • A fiery discussion about predicting a director to win the Oscar but NOT have the film in your Top 3 predictions in Best Picture…does it equate?
  • Our Oscar Predicted Winners as of 11/18/2018.


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Written by Clayton Davis

Clayton Davis is the esteemed Editor and Owner of Born in Bronx, NY to a Puerto Rican mother and Black father, he’s been criticizing film and television for over a decade. Clayton is a member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association where he votes and attends the kick off to the awards season, the Critics Choice Awards. He also founded the Latino Entertainment Journalists Association, the first Latino-based critics’ organization in the United States. He’s also an active member of the African-American Film Critics Association, New York Film Critics Online, International Press Academy, Black Reel Awards, and the Broadcast Television Journalists Association. Clayton has been quoted and appeared in various outlets that include The New York Times,, Variety, Deadline, Los Angeles Times, FOX 5, Bloomberg Television, AOL, Huffington Post, Bloomberg Radio, The Wrap, Slash Film, and the Hollywood Reporter.


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Joey Magidson

Happy listening!


Question for the next one if this is the place to put questions. Or just on this thread. I haven’t sat down to watch Buster Scruggs yet but will shortly. I was a very big fan of Mudbound(was in my top 5 of last year). And i was happy with the nominations it got because I hope it gave it some of the attention it deserved. I know the two movies have almost nothing in common other than being netflix films, but do you see a possibility of the same nominations(supporting actor instead of actress)? Academy usually likes the Coens… Read more »

Iso Ns

Wait Until Dark OR Rope
The Graduate OR In the Heat of the Night
Titanic OR Doctor Zhivago
Halloween(1978) OR Suspiria(1977)

I have also a question, do you think that Mortal Engines could get nominated for visual effects? Even if the movie is bad academy proved that doesn’t matter for visual effects category(for example Kong Skull Island).

Michael R

Great podcast as usual. I have been worried about Gaga for about a month now. The competition is just so fierce. I think the only two locks are Colman and Close. The last three slots will go to three of these women: Gaga, Blunt , Aparacio, McCarthy, Roberts, or Collette. I don’t foresee Jones or Ronan happening. What a great year. As of 11/23/18 my predicted 5 are Aparacio, Blunt, Colman, Close, and Roberts.

Michael R

And I hope the studio rethinks the decision to only submit Shallow for Original Song for A Star is Born. I want to watch Gaga perform twice on Oscar night not once. Plus the songs are so deserving.


I can’t say I agree or disagree with either argument about Lee for director and not having the film in their top 3. I see both sides and will elaborate. What I do disagree with and is a “pet peeve” much like the Oscar pet peeve discussion (which i did agree with Clayton about…show scenes always!) is Clayton’s thought that a veteran like Dafoe or a much nominated actor like Adams won’t be in unless the voter thinks they will win. Maybe I’m naive but I just don’t think they vote like that. And I think I can back that… Read more »

Luke McGowan

Is it an Oscar pet peeve to watch the fierce, furious competition for whose going to give the most progressive speech each year? Every cause is ultimately diminished because there’s so much crowding it out, and all that we get in the end is a series of very long speeches.


I have no idea why people love or even like Buster Scruggs so much. Even the best short films in the anthology don’t really add up to much and the bad ones like the Lian Neeson one are just pointless. If you want to go see a great Coens brother Western go see True Grit. Scruggs is alternates between sort of fun lark and nothing.

Michael R

A major pet peeve of mine is when all of the precursors go to the same people. So annoying.


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