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Circuit Breaker Episode 171: PGA, Frontrunners and ACCA 2019 Nominations

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Screen Shot 2018 11 27 at 11.59.51 PMWelcome to the podcast “Circuit Breaker! The Awards, & TV Podcast,” part of the CIRCUIT BREAKER MEDIA NETWORK. “Circuit Breaker” is a weekly podcast show with host and site editor and owner Clayton Davis. With a team of panelists including Mark Johnson, Joey Magidson, Chris James, and Karen Peterson, along with other guests, we discuss movies, television and all the awards shows that need predicting. New episodes are released every Monday. Podcasts produced by Drew Griffith.

Find the show on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram at @Circuit_Pod, email us at and submit your comments and questions at the bottom of the episode.

On the agenda:

  • Producers Guild of America awards results are in. What can we learn from past PGA results and how reliably do they mirror Oscar winners? Listen to find out who the clear front runners are.
  • Cinephile Showdown! Most nominated edition!
  • And the ACCA Nominations are announced!




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Written by Drew Griffith


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Love the ACCA nominations! Can’t wait to hear what you guys say about last night’s Parasite win at SAG. Sad that you stopped doing Academy Idol this year. This would’ve been a great year in cinema to do it.

Joey Magidson



What is Joker sweeps BAFTA

Kaleb Fleenor

Two questions for the next podcast:
#1 Can you rank the movie years of the past decade 10-1 (2010-2019)?

#2 Name 5 actors and 5 actresses who you want to see win an Oscar in the next 10 years ?


Luke McGowan

Question. Fifteen years ago, winning all five televised awards shows was quite rare, with only Geoffrey Rush, Julia Roberts, Renee Zellwegger and Jaime Foxx having done it by the end of 2005. Now it seems that two or three of the four seem to be a season sweeper year on year. I thought for sure that the shortened voting season would mix the winners up a bit this year, but we actually seem destined for another 2017 where all four swept the season. I’d be interested in how the panel feels about this. Do we mind the suspense slowly and… Read more »

Alec Glass

Oh hey thanks for sharing my comment! I for one vastly prefer the ACCA nominations to the Oscar nominations this year, so cheers to all! I also must say I disagree that we’re not likely to see a 1917 picture / Bong Joon Ho split, because yes while I agree that the votes will likely not split that way, the difference of the preferential ballot in picture could split the results, as I think that 1917 is a much more likely result in picture because it will likely snag many 2-4 spots on ballots, while Parasite may garner more passionate… Read more »


Since it doesn’t appear you’re doing your special awards this year, for the podcast?

What is your?

Best Performance (with very brief screentime):

Best Performance in a bad film
Worst Performance in a good film


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