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On the agenda:

  • We’re taking a look at the critics prizes that have come through thus far and who leads in which races.
  • Best Actress is still a hot race and we have no idea really who leads, though there are educated guesses to be made.
  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” finally hit theaters and we give our quick thoughts (with no spoilers)!
  • We take a bunch of your questions and #CinephileShowdowns


"Fences" - Opens in theaters on Christmas Day
“Fences” – Opens in theaters on Christmas Day

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  1. Why is best actress considered a race that people are confused by? Also, why are many people so adamantly predicting Emma Stone to be the probable winner? Natalie Portman seems like the obvious frontrunner at this point. She’s been winning droves of critics circle awards and has won the BFCA. Emma Stone has only won one critics circle award thus far; why is she on the top of so many pundits’ lists?

    • B/c the critics aren’t the academy and many are expecting them to be more adamantly in love with La La Land than the critics: they love movies about themselves, and furthermore Natalie Portman just won an Oscar relatively recently for Black Swan and they don’t give 2nd oscars lightly, and none of those factors would be applicable to the critics awards so that’s why precursors haven’t been discouraging in that regard. That said I would say those factors simply balance it out to make it a tough call between the two.

      • But that same logic hasn’t really been applied to Mahershala Ali, Casey Affleck, and Viola Davis, who (just like Natalie) have all won the majority of critics circle awards AND the awards in their respective BFCA categories, and most people see them as the frontrunners this year. Also, eventual Oscar champs usually have a good run with the critics circles, not merely just winning one award at this point in the season. In terms of winning twice relatively recently, if Hilary Swank can do it in 5 years, I’m pretty sure Natalie Portman can do it in 7, especially considering the weight and the icon-status of her role. Finally, since the BFCA started handing out awards in 1995, over half of their best actress winners have gone on to also win the Oscar. Emma Stone will have to win the SAG for me to believe she can take the Oscar, and it’s difficult for me to envision that happening, especially with La La Land’s ensemble snub.

        • Well yes actually that same logic has been applied: unlike Natalie’s situation w/ Jackie as a movie not getting much recognition, Manchester and Moo licht are doing excellently, and Viola simply doesn’t have a performance that she’s competing with in the way Natalie is: Michelle Williams and Naomie Harris are on screen for a fraction of the time Viola is. The word of mouth in the reception of these films at festivals is what sets the stage for the season and Mahershala doesn’t have one clear competitor he’s going against either in that regard. And yes Hillary did do it in 5 but Million Dollar Baby was a much more widely well received movie by the academy, winning BP etc., than Jackie looks like it’s going to be which may very well not be nominated there. But yes I agree with you if Emma Stone doesn’t win SAG then Natalie is the definitive front runner. And I am predicting Natalie as of now but I do think Emma Stone is right there at the moment.

  2. Hey! on your next podcast could you explain why you dont think Fantastic beasts will get more than one nomination like other prediction sites.

  3. question: Since it seems that neither Jackie nor Sully will be getting nominated for best picture this year, do we think this is the beginning of oscar’s longstanding infatuation with biopics coming to an end, those being the only true biopics of the year? If Theory of Everything / The Imitation Game came out this year, would they fare as well as they did 2 years ago?

    (I suppose some might argue that Loving / Lion are also biopics but those seem more based on a true story, rather than the import being on the individual; I don’t even know the name of the boy Lion is about.)

    • Come to think of it, perhaps this started last year with the relatively muted receptions towards Steve Jobs and Trumbo, though I think there were other factors in play in those cases that muddy the waters a bit with Steve Jobs, and Trumbo was arguably simply not good enough to have been a factor regardless.

  4. Question: Now that every player in the race has been seen, what is your biggest “look back and laugh at yourself” prediction from 10 months ago. The reverse Moonlight, the film you bet on and laugh now for ever thinking it could be a thing with the benefit of hindsight


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