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On the agenda:

  • We share our thoughts on “Detroit” from Kathryn Bigelow and “Logan Lucky” from Steven Soderbergh.  Are they Oscar players?
  • We have a spoiler-ish talk about “Dunkirk” from Christopher Nolan.  What will be its best and worst day on Oscar nomination morning?  Is there an acting possibility out of the film?  Could it win Best Picture?
  • There’s a generic discussion about Animated Feature, Documentary Feature, and Foreign Language Film.  If they would be nominated for Best Picture, should they be removed from their respective categories?
  • We take a look at two Oscar categories: Best Director and Best Supporting Actress.  Where do they stand and what can we anticipate down the road?
  • Can Kirsten Dunst gain some Oscar traction for “The Beguiled” or something else?
  • Lots of trailer dropped during the week and we talk about their Oscar chances: “The Disaster Artist” from James Franco, “The Shape of Water” from Guillermo del Toro, and future blockbusters from #SDCC.
  • We’re taking more guesses for the fall festivals.

Comment and send in #CinephileShowdowns, #ChoosetheGold and #ACCircuitBreaker questions in the comment section below!

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  1. About the loudest reactions in a movie theater: the most recent, La la land, aplause and screams after “Another day of sun” and some leaving wisseling and snapping fingers at the end.

    And The Wolf of Wallstreet with the loudest craziest laughes at a film i’ve seen in a theater.

    – About an actor who brigs u out of a film by his “bad acting”, Jaden Piner, the kid who plays young André Holland in Moonlight, i know he’s a kid, but Alex Hibbert is amazing!

  2. I’m not for Oscar Cast Ensemble, because of who gets it. You end up with actors getting 5-6 oscars, or peoples only oscars being for a bit part in a movie. If it was a reward for casting director that’s fine, I guess

  3. Power Hour question – what was the worst trailer for what turned out to be a really great movie? And conversely, what was a really great trailer that turned out to be a lousy movie?

  4. Power Hour Question: “Do you think that this year will be one of the worst years for animation genre?”

    Cinephile showdowns:
    Life of Pi OR War for the Planet of the Apes
    The Beguiled(2017) OR Crimson Peak
    Macbeth(2015) OR Lost City of Z
    It Comes At Night OR 10 Cloverfield Lane
    Raw OR Get Out
    Baby Driver OR The Grand Budapest Hotel
    Silence OR 12 Years a Slave
    Dunkirk OR Zero Dark Thirty

  5. Question:
    you discuss how methodical and thoughtful the academy members vote, for The Ingenue Best actress, The Over 40 Best actor, Supporting Veteran actor and so on. Knowing that, do u think they would do something like: not giving a supporting actor oscar to a “traditional
    Lead Actor” actor ? i.e:
    Tom Cruise in Magnolia or Dicaprio not even getting nominated for Django, which i assume would be an easy win, so maybe they don’t think he belongs in that category, specially winning over 4 veteran previous winners on his first overdue oscar wouldn’t be that special
    as deserverd!

  6. What are some of the worst Oscar snubs that you still don’t understand how they didn’t nominated? I would go with Tom Hanks for Captain Phillips.

  7. I was lucky enough to see Call Me by Your Name recently at a New Zealand film festival so I thought I’d share impressions on its Oscars chances.

    I think that it will be an interesting test of progressiveness in the Academy given that it’s a far less sexless portrayal of gay romance than Moonlight of Milk – the uncomfortable age difference does factor but Chalamet being an active and mature protagonist softens the ‘predatory’ subtext that could otherwise be there. I see it getting into Picture, Director, Editing, and Screeplay – and potentially Song because there are actually a couple in there implemented into the movie. Regarding acting categories, I think Stuhlbarg will be a contender – his work is sensitive and chooses its moments well, and his ‘scene’ doesn’t disappoint. I actually see Chalamet getting in as a Lead – I’m aware of Oscar’s predisposition towards older leading men, but I think his work is strong enough to be remembered and with recent near misses like Tremblay, I think a narrative is there for the new Academy voting bloc to redefine what we currently know about Academy predispositions. On be matter of Armie Hammer, his work is strong but also quite guarded – he doesn’t get big scenes of emotional eruption or even that much vulnerability, and mostly serves as a frequently inscrutable object of desire. Given the current state of Supporting Actor, I see him getting in, but I would call his performance the most likely to ultimately miss out of the central three. I also think him campaigning as Supporting is fair – comparisons to Carol are unfounded because Carol focuses more on the interior life of Carol and the romance, whereas CMbYN definitely emphasizes Chalamet and the coming-of-age aspect of then story (Hammer almost as an impetus for this, rather than a co-protagonist).

    Also James Ivory is the only credited Screenwriter on it, so I can see a narrative building towards a career win for him.


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