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On the agenda:

  • Talking about the openings of “Blade Runner 2049” from Denis Villeneuve, “The Mountain Between Us” from Hany Abu-Assad, and “The Florida Project” from Sean Baker.  Where does each of them stand in the Oscar race?
  • A new trailer drops for “Justice League” and we talk about how “interesting” it looks.
  • The New York Film Festival gave us screenings of “Lady Bird” from Greta Gerwig and “Wonderstruck” from Todd Haynes.  Where does it stack up to the rest of the slate?
  • The Harvey Weinstein scandal has got many talking about the inequalities and mistreatment of women in Hollywood.  We weigh in with our thoughts!

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  1. My question for some of the celebrities rightfully condemning Harvey Weinstein is why they didn’t have a problem with other people in the industry committing sexual crimes. Kate Winslet spoke out against Harvey, yet she was in a movie directed by Roman Polanski, who admitted to raping a 13 year old girl and got away with it. What, is raping a teenager not a big deal to Winslet as long as he’s a successful director she can work with? I mean she’s in Woody Allen’s “Wonder Wheel” later this year, and he’s been accused of rape. Why did she have no problem working with him?

    Meryl Streep slammed Harvey today, and made a big deal about saying she had no idea about any of the disgusting he did. That’s all well and good, but she definitely knew about Polanski raping a 13 year old, yet she gave him a standing ovation when he won the Oscar. So again, is it okay to her that he is a rapist because he’s a successful director?

    It’s great that people are slamming Weinstein, but most are only doing it because he got caught. If people like Winslet and Streep really had a problem with what Harvey did, they wouldn’t show support for and work with an admitted rapist of children. It really shows how hypocritical a lot of Hollywood is. I can’t take anything that people like Winslet say when she and others had no problems working with a rapist. They can claim ignorance with Weinstein, but not with Polanski, and I think that opens a whole new issue, which is that some of these celebrities acting so outraged don’t mind sexual predators and rapists in the industry as long as they’re successful and respected.

      • She was only 13, well below any age of consent in any state, so she couldn’t consent, which makes it rape. And he also drugged her. So it was definitely rape.

    • Unfortunately there is often a lack of consistency look at Rose McGowan who has been particularly vocal against Weinstein, which is a good thing, yet she worked with Victor Salva, a convicted child rapist, just a few years ago.

  2. I am happy that Donald Sutherland is receiving an Honorary Oscar this year. Since he is getting this award, are his chances for getting nominated/winning for The Leisure Seeker still possible?

    The only instances where someone got a competitive Oscar after they got the Honorary (in the past 50 years) were:

    Charlie Chaplin – Honorary Oscar 1971, Best Score for Limelight 1972
    Henry Fonda – Honorary Oscar 1980. Best Actor for On Golden Pond 1981
    Paul Newman – Honorary Oscar 1985, Best Actor for The Color of Money 1986
    Ennio Morricone – Honorary Oscar 2006, Best Original Score for The Hateful Eight 2015

  3. The whole cinematography-production design-visual effects link has been weaker over the previous few years so I’m not sure whether that will mean that Deakins will win cinematography. There is also the stat that the cinematography winner has been the director winner as well for the previous 5 years. Because of that Lautsen for The Shape of Water and Hoytema for Dunkirk seem a lot likelier as their directors are stronger contenders.

  4. Before we actually get into the heavy Oscar months to come, what are you personal favorite winners in each of the main categories so far this year(Picture, Director, Lead Actor and Actress, Supporting Actor and Actress, and screenplay)?

  5. I really enjoy your conversations – Each of you share an interesting & entertaining opinions.
    However, in literally every podcast one specific person drops or mentions a reference to age – specifically a negative side remark, a joke, or brush off of anyone who is ‘older.’ To me (and I may be overly sensitive) your comments come across as insulting, ignorant and (now I’m assuming) just uneducated (and not funny). If you’re talking about audiences or Academy members in their 80s/70s (I assume that’s what you mean by ‘old’) – they have lived complicated lives, existing through Vietnam, Watergate, AIDS, the 90s – so many things! As a 32 year old white guy, I find this flip and condescending perspective painful to hear. Just a thought .. keep those ageist thoughts & jokes to yourself. It’s not attractive.

  6. Circuit Breaker Question:

    What are some of the best consecutive movies in a director’s filmography? (i.e. Vertigo followed by North by Northwest, Bridge on the River Kwai followed by Lawrence of Arabia, Raiders of the Lost Ark followed by E.T., The Dark Knight followed by Inception, etc.)

  7. Agreed, I think it’s up to the person if they separate the art from the artist, in some levels of course. But if you choose a way, stick to it, not doing selective judgment. Most Celebrities that have finally spoken out (Meryl, Ben Affleck, Hillary) took TOO long to do it, and came with the exact same “publicist made” speech, – This type of behavior is unacceptable and I applaud the women who’ve spoken”. I personally don’t mind when you take time to talk about something controversial, but that’s me. I don’t judge people from my perspective, I do it by looking at what they say and mostly what they do. Recently the same people were calling out Trump for the time he took to speak on Charlottesville and not “naming” the criminal. The exact same thing happened here, as Trump hesitated talking about white supremacists who are part of his public, the Celebrities hesitated talking about Harvey, they did, but talking as distant as if they weren’t not only colleagues, but friends with. I think both deserve the same judgment. And please, to say they didn’t know a thing about this, all the stories that came out were heavy, and from BIG names, Angelina, Gwyneth, and so on.. Harvey isn’t just a producer, he’s transcended that, being as famous as Actors and Directors, producers aren’t as known and beloved as he was, mentioned in every award show, and speeches, and his name tattooed in actors butt, literally. So, IMO to talk as distant from the problem like they weren’t part of the reason he was so succefull, is doing it to keep their careers. Not all of them, but most.

  8. Circuit Breaker Question:

    There is a lame thought on not voting for a performancec because the character is evil or unlikable. Which performances have suffered from this before, and who can suffer from this factor this year?

    Guessing, Hong Chau, Will Poulter, Kate Winslet?


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