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On the agenda:

  • The Middleburg Film Festival concluded this weekend where Awards Circuit was on site to interview some of the talents and watch some good movies.  Those films included “Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri” from Martin McDonagh, “Lady Bird” from Greta Gerwig, “Darkest Hour” from Joe Wright, “A Fantastic Woman” from Chile, “The Divine Order” from Switzerland, “In the Fade” from Germany, “Breathe” from Andy Serkis, “Novitiate” from Maggie Betts, and “I, Tonya” from Craig Gillespie.  We give you a detailed breakdown about the audience reactions to the films and where they currently stand in the Oscar race.
  • Mudbound” also won the Audience Award.  Are the Oscar pundits truly underestimating its chances in the race?  Also, check out our interviews with the cast (Mary J. Blige, Jason Clarke, director Dee Rees, Garrett Hedlund, Jason Mitchell, and Rob Morgan)
  • We also have some questions from the readers!
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  1. Clayton you say rumor number one like there are other rumors but you never mention them

    Also I wish you guys talked about the Phantom Thread trailer. I thought it was quite bad. Wanted to see what you guys think.

  2. Cinephile Showdown: (2016 Box Office Hits)

    Sully OR Hidden Figures
    Zootopia OR Moana
    Rogue One OR Captain America: Civil War
    The Jungle Book OR Deadpool
    Jason Bourne OR Finding Dory

  3. Cinephile showdowns:
    Okja OR Minority Report
    Wind River OR Detroit
    The Meyerowitz Stories OR The Big Sick
    It OR Get Out
    Blade Runner 2049 OR Star Wars: The Force Awakens
    Mother! OR A Ghost Story

    Also I want to give a shout-out to my Greek brother Mark Johnson. Γεια σου αδερφέ μου!

  4. Okay I’m really tired and I’m not thinking clearly because it’s 3:00 in the morning and I just deleted a long rambling message that didn’t make sense so I’ll keep it short and maybe I’ll fix this in the morning so sorry if this is a weird question.

    With the Call Me By Your Name stuff, where’s the point in predicting the Oscars in the first place if you’re going to let homophobia within the Academy be a narrative that keeps you from predicting something further? I know that you have stuff to back up why this could be a serious problem that could affect the film, but personally it just seems cynical to see that you see this is something going on and you can be so reserved in it happening and allowing it to play a part in the way you predict the Oscars. I love your podcast and writing and I hope I don’t sound too aggressive in asking this question.

    • I believe Clayton was referring more closely to the concerns over pedophilia (technically Ephebophilia) due to age gap in the central relationship.

  5. Robbie is at number 1, but she wasn’t the stand out even in her film, from the top 5 she had the weakest reviews, do you think she can win on the Jennifer Lawrence Status, even with this amount of quality in Bast actress?

  6. Question for the next podcast:

    Do each of you judge Original and Adapted screenplays in the same way, or do you look for different things in each?

    I often find in Original I judge the films largely on their originality – the concepts and dialogue – whereas in Adapted, I care less about concepts (which could be from the source text), and more about the structure and challenges of adaptation. For instance, my choices last year were The Lobster (all originality of ideas and tone), and The Handmaiden (adapted to a radically different setting, really strong structure).

    I’m very curious on whether or not others find themselves doing this.

  7. Fairly new to you guys and the site(about 6 weeks), not big into predicting but love just rooting for my personal favorites to be recognized where they deserve to be(which is obviously where I think they should be haha). But I couldn’t enjoy your thoughts more every week, please keep up the great work. A few questions…hoping this is the right place to post this. I think Tom Cruise has been mentioned in every podcast I’ve listened too so to not break the trend I’d love to hear everyone’s and especially Karen’s thoughts on his Eyes Wide Shut performance as I just rewatched it on netflix. I’m a big fan of the movie, it was a great year for lead actors and after the reception he obviously had no chance but I actually have him in my top five. It’s in my top 3 of Cruise performances as well. Thoughts?
    And your preferences on the below.
    Dead Poets Society or Good Will Hunting(film and Williams performances)?
    Color of Money or Nobody’s Fool(film and Newmans performances)?
    Before the Devil Knows Your Dead or A Most Wanted Man(film and Hoffmans performances)?

    Thank you, Brian


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