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On the agenda:

  • Checking in on the AFI Film Festival occurring with screenings of “The Disaster Artist” getting great reviews.  Could it be a bigger player for A24?
  • Louis C.K. had a week to remember and we discuss the reaction of Hollywood.
  • Rian Johnson is creating an all-new “Star Wars” trilogy and Mark Johnson is excited (spoiler alert: so are we!)
  • Animated Feature submitted 26 films and we discuss the frontrunners including our thoughts on “Coco” from Pixar.
  • Christopher Plummer replaced Kevin Spacey in “All the Money in the World.” Can he score Oscar attention and make a statement?
  • Supporting Actor has plenty of opportunities for two men to be recognized from the same film.  We discuss the contenders.
  • What films are going to benefit from BAFTA?
  • The Florida Project” has its detractors and we discuss some its problems (spoiler alert!)
  • The Post” released a new trailer and we talk about our gut reactions.

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  1. I guess I’m a creep because I’m 24 and found Elio attractive. Didn’t find him childlike at all really, he emotionally manipulates and seduces a girl. Sure he becomes vulnerable when around his parents, but I still do that at my age. As for his interactions with Oliver, I found them more delirious with lust (and eventually first love) than ‘childlike’. I feel like he would have acted the same if he’d have met him at 20. Oliver becomes similarly silly when they’re around each other, once he lets his guard down at least.

    Definitely think Jenkins over Shannon. Shannon plays a one note, unlikable villain and it’s not remotely fun to watch like e.g. J.K. Simmons. Jenkins is endearing and likable and has more to work with although it’s a shame his arc falls off halfway through. Seems like Fox Searchlight are pushing him more too, he’s at the LA Times roundtable and Variety Actors on Actors.

    I wonder if you guys are letting your personal bias come into play with the CMBYN supporting actors. I definitely think Stuhlbarg is more likely. 3 potential BP nominees, Oscar scene (whether it works for you or not, I think it’s fair to say it works for most people). Whilst it is a beautifully written scene, I think he deserves credit for how he delivers it. He could have so easily gone over the top but instead delivers it exactly the way you would need to hear it in Elio’s position. He’s a likable, warm, comforting presence throughout. Hammer’s age and good looks are the kind of thing the old, male base of AMPAS will shy away from due to being threatened. Plus as solid as he is, he doesn’t really have any big moments. I can’t even imagine what his Oscar clip would be. Having said that, he’s a big campaigner.

    I enjoy The Florida Project’s ending but not the film overall particularly. I can’t imagine it being something voters form a consensus on, it’s getting a lot of walkouts apparently. A24 should just focus their attention on Lady Bird because that is overperforming in every way possible.

    • It’s interesting because I can totally understand not really liking Call Me By Your Name, and I really understand the abruptness issue. My brother’s friend had the same issue. Personally, it resonated with me because it encapsulated the idea of these fleeting, significant but insignificant moments of a summer that you want to hold on to, but can’t quite grab.

      But the idea that Elio was a childish character kinda doesn’t check out for me. He’s clearly on Oliver’s intellectual level, what with the Bach and the thesis notes. But he’s a flawed charcter (as is Oliver) and one of those he can be petulant and immture. And Oliver clearly *dislikes* it and tells him to “grow up”

      Man, I liked this movie. Haha. But I don’t have an issue with it not being for some people. I think it can be inaccessible for some and clearly a little too tawdry.

      Also, totally Team Jenkins for life.

      I agree that Stuhlbarg is way more likely. He’s having a great year as well.

      • Yeah the editing in the first half in particular is definitely abrupt. I was very taken aback by it, although not in a bad way because I felt like it made the first half become less of a slow burn where really nothing happens other than subtle flirting. And as you say, it does give the effect of it being a fleeting Summer where everything goes too quickly for the characters.

        Oh yeah he’s totally a spoilt brat and a little show off. Just look at the way he lies across people’s laps being plied with affection or even the way he jumps off his bike. But as you say it’s not a case of being childlike, it’s just who he is. He’s a gifted, intelligent, charming and attractive young man and he knows it and he knows he can get away with things. Even in the book decades later, he still shows signs of being like that. And you’re right, Oliver totally shuts him down when he acts too petulant, not only in the instance you mention, but when Elio tries to bait Oliver into talking about Chiara. Oliver tells Elio how lucky he is to have such accepting parents and hints that the same can not be said for him, and so it’s clear why Oliver would be such a contrast to Elio and be much more of a closed off character. That can be seen as maturity to an extent, but how lovely it is when Oliver does open up and acts free and silly around Elio towards the end, surely that’s what love is all about! And that’s really what Elio’s dad is saying in his speech: don’t close yourself off to your feelings, open up, be silly, free, happy and in love, even if you think pain may follow.

        To me, the story is a beautiful examination of love in all its forms: romantic, parental, the friendship between Elio and Marzia etc. But of course, nothing is for everyone and that’s fine!

  2. Guys, i actually think Julia is Great in Erin Brokovich too, but when put close to Ellen Burstyn’s Requiem for a dream which is an all timer genius performance, it gets ridiculous that it lost, the same with King’s speech, good film until it won over what was up with.

  3. Cinefile showdown for the next podcast/Plummer-ing other roles. (Taken from actors offered or considered for parts).

    Replacing Spacey in American Beauty; Tom Hanks, Chevy Chase, Woody Harrelson, or Jeff Daniels?
    Replacing Hoffman in Kramer vs. Kramer; James Caan, Jon Voight, or Al Pacino?
    Repacing Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean; Robin Williams, Steve Martin, or Bill Murray? (if you had to)
    Replacing Affleck in The Assination of Jesse James; Shia LaBeouf or Jeremy Renner?
    Replacing Sheen in Platoon; Keanu Reeves, Johnny Depp, John Cusack, or Emilio Estevez?

    • I reckon only Daniels could do Lester Burnham. Don’t know how seriously Chase would be taken in a role which is only quasi serious, and it doesn’t suit Hanks or Harrelson’s ranges

  4. Thank you for responding to my showdowns. To be clear, in no way was I saying any of the ones I asked about were my 2 favorite performances from the actor(except maybe Costner), I do love them all and could go either way on them all which is why I was curious to what you all thought. But I couldn’t agree more on Newman, he is my favorite actor and those two aren’t close to his best…but I do think they are both good towards the end of his career performances and I liked Nobody’s Fool performance more than you guys. I also liked the movie a lot.

    A few actresses for you. Again not necessary my two favorite performances.
    Almost Famous or Wonder Boys (McDormands performances)
    Reality Bites or Little Women (Ryders performances)
    Kids Are Alright or 20th Century Women (Benings performances)
    Primary Colors or About Schmidt (Bates performances)
    Little Children or Revolutionary Road (Winslets performances)

  5. Question:

    Am I the only one who would like to have 9 Best Picture nominees every year? I like the idea of the Oscars being slightly more exclusive than some of the other awards, like the critics choice awards or the PGA. Besides, it’s fun to guess which movie that didn’t make the cut.

  6. Cinephile Showdown (2014 Box Office):

    Unbroken OR American Sniper
    Interstellar OR Gone Girl
    Big Hero 6 OR How to Train Your Dragon 2
    Dawn of the Planet of the Apes OR Godzilla
    Neighbors OR 22 Jump Street

  7. Question: Which year do you think had a performance as good as the winning one, or even superior, that didn’t get to battle for the oscar?

    I.E: Saorise Ronan’s Brooklyn i find superior to Larson’s Room, but she won none of the big awards to be a threat to Larson

  8. Cinephile showdown:
    Which double nomination would you prefer, in line with Clayton’s Bugsy article?
    I’ve gone some obscure choices but they’re for well known movies.

    Steve Carrell and Channing Tatum in Foxcatcher OR Forest Whitaker and James McAvoy in The Last King of Scotland

    Emma Stone and Viola Davis in The Help OR Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada?

    Supporting Actor
    Alan Arkin and John Goodman in Argo OR Heath Ledger and Aaron Eckhart in The Dark Knight?

    Supporting Actress
    Angelina Jolie and Whoopi Goldberg in Girl, Interrupted OR Gloria Stuart and Kathy Bates in Titanic?


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