Welcome back! Before we jump into the results of the Round of 32, there has to be a hat tip to our readers. Our Circuit Madness brackets have often benefitted newer, shinier winners that our readers have actually seen. Yet this Circuit Madness has been a show of force that remembers classic cinema. Yet this year, only 7 of the remaining 16 contenders in the Circuit Madness 2018 Sweet 16 were released after 1990. That number shrinks to 4 when considering winners this millennium. It’s good to see so many classic performances make it this far, but there’s a way to go yet! Let’ recap the last round, and jump into the voting!

The Bob Hope Division

1) Hattie McDaniel defeats Estelle Parsons 86% to 14%

2) Whoopi Goldberg defeats 10) Shelley Winters 77% to 23%

**UPSET 11) Juliette Binoche defeats 3) Teresa Wright 68% to 32%

4) Meryl Streep defeats 5) Ruth Gordon 63% to 37%

The Billy Crystal Division

1) Kim Hunter defeats 9) Brenda Fricker 67% to 33%

2) Mo’Nique defeats 7) Anjelica Huston 75% to 25%

3) Jane Darwell defeats 11) Rachel Weisz 51% to 49%

4) Cloris Leachman defeats 12) Melissa Leo 58% to 42%

The Johnny Carson Division

1) Rita Moreno defeats 9) Viola Davis 59% to 41%

2) Lupita Nyong’o defeats 10) Beatrice Straight

5) Jessica Lange defeats 13) Patty Duke 59% to 41%

**UPSET 14) Cate Blanchett defeats 11) Octavia Spencer 62% to 38%

The Whoopi Goldberg Division

1) Eve Marie Saint defeats 8) Anne Hathaway 61% to 39%

2) Sandy Denis defeats 7) Angelina Jolie 60% to 40%

3) Catherine Zeta-Jones defeats 11) Patricia Arquette 59% to 41%

**UPSET 13) Anna Paquin defeats 5) Linda Hunt 63% to 37%

There are some great upsets in the round, but overall it was far less exciting than the first round. Let’s see if that trend continues in the Sweet 16. With the matchups set, let’s open up the voting!

The Bob Hope Division



The Billy Crystal Division



The Johnny Carson Division



The Whoopi Goldberg Division

What do you think? Which film is going to take home the big prize? Who do you think represents each division in the Final Four? Let us hear your picks in the comments below! 

The Circuit Madness 2018 Sweet 16 closes for voting on Wednesday, March 28th. The Elite Eight opens on Thursday, March 29th.