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This week, the 2019 South by Southwest Film Festival will be getting underway. Each year, SXSW showcases some very interesting titles in Austin, surrounded of course by culture and good music. This year is no exception, as the lineup had some real potential. Today, we want to know which movies at the festival have caught your interest. Are there certain ones you’re especially looking forward to? If so, be sure to clue us in!

One of the standards at SXSW lately is quality comedy. This year, “Long Shot” could be latest breakout comedy to springboard from the fest. Pairing Seth Rogen with Charlize Theron is a unique coupling, no doubt about that. “Booksmart” is another one, marking the directorial debut of Olivia Wilde, along with “Good Boys.” Then, you can’t forget about “The Beach Bum,” which marries Harmony Korine with Matthew McConaughey. Folks in Austin looking to laugh will have no shortage of options.

The biggest title at SXSW is, of course, Jordan Peele‘s “Us.” It’s not even close, either. Expectations are incredibly high after the Oscar-winning success of “Get Out,” and rightly so. As such, all eyes will be on this one. If Peele can craft another Academy Award-worthy effort, he’ll truly be able to rule Hollywood. “Pet Cemetery” will also have some appeal to genre/horror fans, though expectations for that one are far more tempered.

The floor is yours, ladies and gentlemen. What at SXSW are you looking forward to this year? Let us know and be sure to say why as well!

What Films Are You Looking Forward To Most At SXSW This Year?

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