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Basketball is a truly international sport, one that has a huge following, both on the collegiate circuit as well as the professional one. Over the years, stories from both the NBA and the NCAA have made their way to cinemas, largely with success. Basketball movies don’t always get the attention other sports films do, but they have a lot to offer. With “The Way Back” hitting this week, why not ask you, the reader, about your favorite basketball flicks?

Silly as it is, arguably one of the most popular basketball films of all time is “Space Jam.” Mixing Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes is a marketing executive’s dream, but it also managed to delight an entire generation. If Ben Affleck‘s new basketball drama can manage to get even a small slice of the business this one generated, everyone at Warner Bros. will be very happy.

On the other hand, the one-two punch of “Hoop Dreams” and “Hoosiers” represent basketball movies that have attracted Oscar attention. Both are Academy Award-nominated films, frequently making “best of” lists for sports cinema. They aren’t the only options that one could seek out when seeking hoops on the big screen. One could look to “Coach Carter” or “Glory Road” for coach-centric tales. There are comedic offerings with “Air Bud,” “Semi-Pro,” and “Teen Wolf,” while other efforts include “The Basketball Diaries,” “Finding Forrester,” “He Got Game,” “Love and Basketball,” and “White Men Can’t Jump.” There’s really no shortage to be found.

We turn the ball over to you all now. Take the rock and dunk it. Which basketball movies are your favorites? Are you waiting for “The Way Back?” Let us know!

What are your favorite basketball films? Discuss in the comments below!