Circuit Q&A – Best Movies You Watched Over the Holiday Break


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Welcome to 2019! Now that we’re back from the holiday break, we have an essential question for all of you. While you were off for Christmas and New Year’s, what did you watch? Did you go to the theater and take in some Academy Award contenders? What about diving back on some old classics? We’re all ears and want to kick off the new year with a friendly discussion!

If you went to the movies, there were myriad options. Christmas Day marked the release of “Destroyer,” “On the Basis of Sex,” and “Vice.” Those three are some of the winter’s highest-profile Oscar-related titles. Maybe you went to see one of those? Did any do it for you?

Perhaps you doubled back to an earlier new release like “Aquaman,” “Ben Is Back,” “Mary Poppins Returns,” “Mary Queen of Scots,” “The Mule,” “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,” or “Welcome to Marwen?” If so, what did you think?  Maybe you haven’t gotten to “Green Book” yet and used the recent chatter about it as an excuse to see it and weigh in?

On the flip side, perhaps you stayed home with family and watched television? Netflix offered up “Bird Box” as a genre option, while “Black Mirror” fans were rewarded with the Choose Your Own Adventure style “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.” If not, did you binge something?

Was the holiday break the right time to finally dive into “Big Mouth,” for example? Then, those of you who weren’t streaming had old standbys like “A Christmas Story” and “It’s A Wonderful Life” to feast on. There’s always the chance you randomly found some unheralded gems. With the time off from work, it was the perfect time to rummage around and discover something new.

Now, we’re now asking you!

What were the best films or TV shows you took in during the holiday break, from 2018 or not, and WHAT DID YOU THINK?

Share all your thoughts in the comments below!