The typical Pixar age rating may suggest stories of whimsy and fun but they are often laced with underlying themes of deep emotion. Covering topics like depression and the loss of childhood, Pixar has never shied away from tough subject matters. Coming to theatres this weekend is Pixar’s latest effort, “Onward” which looks to once again bring themes of loss to the fore. Let’s take a look back over Pixar’s history and find those touching moments.

“Up” would top many peoples list for most emotional Pixar moments. The heart-wrenching montage shows us Carl and Ellie growing old together. We experience every moment with them whether that is the highs of their wedding or the lows of Ellie’s illness. A powerful montage that will bring even the strongest viewer to tears.

Moving on to one of Pixar’s most popular franchises “Toy Story”. For over 20 years it has been providing us with many moving moments. Whether it’s “Toy Story 2” and its beautiful song ‘When She Loved Me’. Or how about “Toy Story 3” which ends on Andy giving away his toys and an emotional farewell from Woody. Even as recently as last year with “Toy Story 4” which saw Woody moving on to a new life without Buzz and co.

You may have been welling up at “Monsters Inc.” and it’s sad farewell between Sully and Boo. Perhaps “Coco” with its beautiful rendition of “Remember Me” between Miguel and Coco really got you reaching for the tissues. Or how about Bing Bong’s valiant sacrifice from “Inside Out” which saw an imaginary friend fade away. You may have even felt a rush of emotion when food critic Anton Ego took a trip down memory lane after taking a taste of Remys exquisite meal in “Ratatouille”.

With so many different emotional moments to choose from, it’s truly difficult to pick just one from Pixar’s library.

What is your favorite emotional Pixar moment? Leave a comment below!