Circuit Q&A: What Is Your Favorite Kristen Stewart Performance?


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Few actresses are doing as interesting work as Kristen Stewart is. In films both big and small, she stuns with an intensity that she rarely gets enough credit for. So, today we’re going to fix that. With a mainstream outing in “Underwater” about to open, as well as a baity biopic in “Seberg” having just come out, we’d like to look back at her career to date and ask something very important. What is your favorite performance of hers so far/

There’s no shortage of Stewart options, but a number of solid choices are found within our Top Ten list on her best performances. There, you’ll find some tremendous movies like “Adventureland,” “Cafe Society,” “Camp X-Ray,” and “Welcome to the Rileys,” each of which contains some of her finest work. There’s also “Into the Wild,” showcasing Stewart in a plum supporting role, as well as her most recent turn in “Seberg.” Anyone who doesn’t think she’s a talented actress at the top of her game just isn’t paying attention.

Outside of that list, there’s of course the “Twilight” franchise. While it’s less likely to show up on a list of her best performances, when it comes to favorite performances, that’s another story entirely. That franchise launched her into the stratosphere and helped make her the star she is today. Maybe you also loved her last year in the “Charlie’s Angels” reboot? She was one of the highlights there, to be sure.

It’s time for you to chime in. Do you have a particular Kristen Stewart performance or performances that you’re most fond of? Maybe you’re holding out hope for “Underwater?” We’re all ears!

What is your favorite performance from Kristen Stewart? Let us know in the comments below!