Circuit Q&A – Favorite Upset Oscar Wins


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Some of the best Academy Award moments happen when the unexpected occurs. Chiefly, it’s when a category actually has an upset win. They’re not the norm, which increases the fun and intrigue. For today, we’re curious to know which of these surprises have pleased you the most. Do you have an Oscar upset that you’re a big fan of? If so, we’re all ears today!

Perhaps just this past Oscar ceremony contained one of your favorite upsets? After all, almost everyone had said they preferred Olivia Colman‘s performance to Glenn Close‘s. At the same time, basically no one was predicting the upset in Best Actress. Then, the star of “The Favourite” had her name called, as opposed to that of “The Wife.” Despite the bummer of seeing Close fall again, Colman is one of the more inspired Academy Award choices in Actress in some time.

Maybe you’re partial to one of the other upsets over the years? For example, Geoffrey Fletcher pulled a shocker in Best Adapted Screenplay, taking the Oscar for “Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire.” Jason Reitman and Sheldon Turner had steamrolled the season for “Up in the Air,” but on Oscar night Fletcher had his name called. That’s just one of many Academy Award upsets that have gone down, even if more often than not, the frontrunner still emerges victorious.

We put the question to you now. Which Oscar upsets have been your absolute favorites? Let us know!

What are some of your favorite upset Oscar wins? Let us know in the comments below!