It is truly a golden age of television. It’s so golden that prestigious film directors are jumping to the small screen. Director Alex Garland is the latest one to make that jump. With “Ex Machina” and “Annihilation,” Garland has made a name for himself in sci-fi. Now, he’s bringing his vision to Hulu with “Devs,” the new miniseries starring Sonoya Mizuno.

Speaking of beloved sci-fi directors, The Wachowskis also transitioned to the small screen. They’ve had mixed success on film with “Cloud Atlas” and “Jupiter Ascending” being drastic underperformers. However, the series “Sense8” won critical acclaim. Set across the globe, “Sense8” follows a group of strangers mentally and emotionally linked together. It only lasted two seasons, but it still won praise for its quality and its LGBTQ+ representation.


Along with The Wachowskis, David Fincher has been a Netflix mainstay. His partnership began with “House of Cards” where he was an executive producer. In addition, he served as a director on that show along with “Mindhunter” which he also executive produced. As part of his collaboration with the streaming giant, Fincher’s newest film “Mank” will be handled by Netflix.

Meanwhile, Ava DuVernay recently became a force on television. Her work on “When They See Us” earned her a Primetime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Directing for a Limited Series, Movie, or Dramatic Special. Also, DuVernay serves as a creator and executive producer on “Queen Sugar,” a drama series on Oprah Winfrey Network. Although she only directed the first two episodes, DuVernay made the series a strong platform for female filmmakers. It is currently the only television series to have a woman direct each episode.

After directing actors to Oscar nominations and wins, Jean-Marc Vallee has been busy directing actors to the Emmy podium. The first season of “Big Little Lies” was a small screen sensation, winning five Primetime Emmys including one for his direction. The HBO miniseries “Sharp Objects,” starring Amy Adams, enjoyed similar critical praise.

Who is your favorite film director to jump to television? Please share your thoughts!