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Writer and director Kelly Reichardt is back this week with “First Cow,” a new film about settlers in the Oregon territory in the 1800s.

made her feature debut with the drama, “River of Grass” in 1994. It is the story of a listless wife and mother who spends her days fantasizing about what her life could be if not tied to her ungrateful husband. The film landed Reichardt nominations for both First Feature and First Screenplay at the Independent Spirit Awards.

She took a bit of a break before returning with “Old Joy,” a story of two friends reuniting for a camping trip where they soon learn how far apart they have grown. She followed that up with “Wendy and Lucy,” in which Michelle Williams stars as a young woman searching for a new life with her faithful dog Lucy in tow. But when Lucy disappears, she is forced to confront her fears and her mistakes and make new hard choices.

One of Reichardt’s highest profile films, so far, is “Certain Women,” which reunites the director with Michelle Williams. She also adds Kristen Stewart and Laura Dern to her story of three separate women whose lives intersect in a small town in Montana.

Reichardt is known for telling quietly impactful stories that focus on just a few characters. With so many interesting characters and intriguing stories, we now turn it over to you. Which are some of your favorite films from Kelly Reichardt? Is it one of the films listed already, or do you prefer one of the other titles we didn’t mention?

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