Circuit Q&A – Longer or Shorter Awards Seasons?


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The awards season is a marathon, as opposed to a sprint. That being said, there’s always a debate going on about whether the length is proper. Some feel that the run-up to the Academy Awards needs to be scaled back. Others think that there’s more time needed, mainly so voters can more thoughtfully consider their choices. Both have merit. Today, we put that question to you. Are you preferential to a long or a short awards season?

For some, the longer the season, the better. This gives films more time to hit with voters, as well as allowing Academy members to truly think about their ballot. In this scenario, whatever is just hitting big at the moment won’t be able to simply ride that wave to Oscar glory. The cream, presumably, will eventually rise to the top, after all.

If a long season isn’t your thing, however, perhaps you gravitate towards a shorter one? This prevents a backlash from forming against a movie. Especially if you’re a fan of something, that’s a serious consideration. Moreover, a longer season could lead to exhaustion and fatigue with the season on the whole. As such, a short season gets things over with faster and keeps it exciting.

Which side of the coin do you fall on with this debate? Do you prefer Oscar season to be a long or a short one? There’s no wrong answer here, so chime in and let us know your preference!

Are you partial to a longer or shorter awards season? Comment below and share your thoughts!