Right now is usually the time to fill out those brackets but March Madness 2020 will be different this year due to the coronavirus. Typically, 68 teams compete in a single-elimination tournament to decide who is the best college basketball team in America. The teams range from big and small conferences around the country. Some are prolific dynasties, while others are Cinderella darlings looking to make a name for themselves. Lasting three weeks, March Madness is one of the most popular sporting events in the world. And yet, with a global pandemic increasing, and the games canceled, the tournament will have to wait till next year.

With all this said, there are several movies about basketball you could watch to fill in the time missed from rooting on your favorite teams. There are comedies like “Teen Wolf” and “Semi-Pro,” making you laugh with every dribble on the court. If you don’t want to laugh, dramas like “He Got Game” and “Hoosiers” depict a realistic version of the game. You could even watch “Space Jam,” the Michael Jordan/Looney Tunes crossover event for the whole family.

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If those don’t move the needle for you, then check out “Glory Road.” It follows the Texas Western College historic run to become the first team in NCAA history to win a national championship with an African American starting lineup. Released in 2006, it’s a great story about how anyone can play basketball, no matter their race. “Glory Road” is streaming on Disney +, so you can watch it in the comfort of your own home. But if you do decide to venture out to your local cinema, then don’t The Way Back.” Ben Affleck stars in this redemption story about an alcoholic who starts coaching his former high school basketball team.

These selections, and more, should keep any basketball fan busy till everything returns to normal. Though it feels weird not to have many informal events, their delays are for the best and necessary for everyone. Until then, stay safe and upbeat throughout the rest of March.

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