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The big night has arrived! We’re only a few hours out now from the 92nd Academy Awards going down. The ceremony will be full of pomp, surprises, and surely things we’ll want to discuss in the days to come, in addition to finally finding out if “1917” or “Parasite” will take Best Picture (or if “Jojo Rabbit” pulls the last minute upset). Today, however, our focus is just on the day itself. Essentially, we’re curious how you spend Oscar night. Do you have any traditions? If so, we’re fascinated by them and want to know all about them!

Is there a specific activity you like to do on Oscar night? A party, perhaps? Perhaps you simply like to be in a certain spot in the house while the show is on? The bigger an awards season fan you are, the more you might treat it as the big game for your favorite sports team. So, it’s not totally crazy to think that superstition might play into it, at least in some way.

Maybe you have a particular meal you tend to have during the Academy Awards? If the aforementioned Oscar party is your thing, do you do themed food? For example, maybe you would try making ram-don from “Parasite” as a dish? Pairing the meal items to the movies up for Best Picture is always a cute way of celebrating, that’s for sure. Hell, it could just be an excuse to indulge in party food, especially if you’re largely healthy other days.

However you choose to celebrate the Oscars, we want to hear about it. What are your Oscar night traditions, if any? We’re all ears!

How do you celebrate Oscar night? Let us know in the comments below!