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It sucks when a show that you love gets cancelled. It’s bad enough when something you’re a fan of ends, but when it happens prematurely, that’s even worse. Television can be a harsh mistress like that. Today, we want to give you the role of savior. What show or shows would you want to bring back, if you had the power?

If you’re thinking of bringing back a series that fully ran its course, there is no shortage of options. The trendy thing to do now is to revisit something years later. One with a lot of potential could be “The West Wing,” in particular with the current political climate. Getting Aaron Sorkin and the cast members back for a one-off might be the way to make that happen. Then, there are other, even more, nostalgic things. It’s surprising that Nickelodeon hasn’t brought more of their older television programming back. Something like “Nick Arcade” could really be a hit in 2019.

As for canceled television shows, that all depends on your taste. Three of the big ones that people always try to bring back are “Deadwood,” “Firefly,” and “Pushing Daisies.” Luckily for the some, the former is wrapping up with a theatrical film. That’s just barely scratching the surface. No matter what show gets canceled, there’s someone out there ready to start a petition to bring it back. That’s just how it works with television, especially these days.

It’s your turn to chime in. If you could bring back a canceled TV show, what would it be? Let us know your dream television resurrection!

What Television Show Would You Like To Bring Back?

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