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There are few institutions on television like “The Simpsons.” Not only do they boast some of the best comedic moments in TV history, but they were also an early proving ground for some giants. Brad Bird, Rich Moore, and Conan O’Brien all cut their teeth on the program. The show has gone downhill since its heyday, but it’s still an iconic comedy. Do you think “The Simpsons” has overstayed its welcome? If not, what are your favorite episodes or moments from the show? That’s what we’re asking you today.

Episode wise, there’s a litany to choose from. “You Only Move Twice” is largely considered perfect. “Who Shot Mr. Burns?” is a classic two-parter. A whole handful of “Treehouse of Horror” installments rank among the best the show has ever produced. Honestly, during the first ten or so seasons of “The Simpsons,” you could pick just about any episode at random and it would stand a solid chance of being an all-timer. They may have slipped in recent years, but during their golden age, there was nothing better or funnier on television.

In terms of moments, the two classics that recur are obviously the opening credits blackboard message as well as the couch gag that wraps the theme up. Matt Groening and company found an ingenious way to make the start of their show something you couldn’t ignore, or in later days, skip right over. When picking favorites, there are literally hundreds to choose from.

It’s your turn to chime in. What are your preferred episodes or moments from “The Simpsons?” Let us know!

What Is Your Preferred Episode Or Moment From “The Simpsons?”

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