Circuit Q&A: Indie Spirit Award Speculation


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Every year, the Film Independent Spirit Awards are held the night before the Oscars. Considered the hipper cousin to the Academy Awards, they often honor titles that the Academy would never touch. This year, they again have a mix of films that will see their seasons end tonight, such as “Uncut Gems,” as well as some that still have hopes during the big night tomorrow. In honor of the Spirit Awards, we want to know what you think will happen during the show. If you have a specific Spirit Award prediction to make, here’s the spot to do it!

In terms of winners, do you see the Spirit Award winners lining up at all with Oscar? Will this be a spot where “Marriage Story” does well? If it’s not a show that predicts the Academy Awards at all (and it’s shaping up not to be), will we see Adam Sandler pick up one final prize? Any predictions you’d like to share, we’re all ears for them.

As for the show itself, is the kind of telecast you prefer? With host Aubrey Plaza and an overall edgier vibe, there’s at least opportunities for some fun surprises. Is there anything you’d especially like to see? Perhaps some commentary on the Oscar lineup? It’s all a matter of taste here.

We turn things over to you now, dear readers. What do you think will happen at the Spirit Awards? Who or what are you predicting to win? How will the show go? Whatever you want to share, we want to read it!

How do you think the Film Independent Spirit Awards will go down? Let us know in the comments below!