Circuit Q&A – Thoughts On The Season


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Believe it or not, we’re officially now on to a whole other season. Awards season is over, so now it’s a process of looking out for 2019 release with Oscar potential. As such, we can look back on the whole thing with some finality. Today, that’s just what we want to get into. How did you feel about the season on the whole?

Did this season exceed your expectations? Was the variety with which the Oscar race shaped up something that made you happy? Even before that, did the precursor choices float your boat? There was again somewhat of a disconnect between the Academy and critics, so if you backed the latter, the early part of the season likely pleased you. Beyond that, however, it may have been more of a mixed bag.

On the flip side, was the season a let down to you? Perhaps “Green Book” winning and/or “Roma” losing Best Picture in the end spoiled the broth for you? Between that and all of the endless Oscar tinkering, maybe it sullied things for you? This season was far more chaotic than usual, and while some dig on watching the cinematic world burn, that might not be your style.

Time to put a bow on it all. With Oscar season now over, what did you think of it? How did it compare to years past? Was this one of your least or most favorite seasons? Let us know!

What Are Your Thoughts On The Oscar Season? Was It One Of The Better Or Worst Ones?

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