Circuit Q&A: What’s Your Favorite Baseball Film?

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It is America’s pastime. It is the game many people have loved as long as they can remember. An endless sea of words have been written to romanticize the game over the years. And now there are generations of fans that adore everything from the fresh cut grass to the seventh inning stretch.

This week marks the 30th Anniversary of “Field of Dreams.” In celebration of that classic, we thought it would be fun to discuss the best baseball movies of all time.

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In many ways, Kevin Costner created the themes most people think of when they imagine a baseball movie. “Field of Dreams” was released in 1989 and followed the massive success of another baseball movie starring Costner, “Bull Durham.” “Bull Durham” is the best reviewed baseball movie of all time. Along with “For Love of the Game,” “A League of Their Own” and others, it made Costner the Godfather of baseball films.

Looking further back, “The Pride of the Yankees” is a contender for the title of greatest baseball movie of all time. Released in 1942, Gary Cooper stars in this look at the tragic story of Yankees’ legend Lou Gehrig.

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In terms of contemporary movies, Bennett Miller’sMoneyball” likely leads the pack. Brad Pitt stars as Billy Beane, whose revolutionary approach to team-building changed baseball forever. A Michael Lewis book is always a great place to start, but it’s the Aaron Sorkin dialogue that helps make this an all-timer.

High on the list of many Major League Baseball players is “Major League.” This 1989 comedy is not exactly high brow, but it features Charlie Sheen in a fairly realistic portrayal of a big leaguer.

Other notable classics include “The Bad News Bears,” “42,” “Sugar” and many more.

Do you have a personal favorite baseball movie–either based on quality or nostalgia? Let us know in the comments below!


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