Circuit Q&A – What’s Your Favorite TV Show That No One Talks About?


If there’s one thing that you can say about the modern television-viewing experience, it’s that we’re spoiled for choice. There are so many quality shows on the air at any given time, it’s difficult to be aware of them all, let alone actively watch them. While many of the greats get their fair share of media coverage and audience attention, every so often a really solid series falls through the cracks. For whatever reason, be it poor promotion, competition against a more popular show, or just a lack of connection with audiences at the time, this perfectly good show gets no respect. If only there was some way that even one out of every ten think pieces written about “Game of Thrones” was devoted to any other program, this could all be avoided.

Consider, for example, the Canadian drama “X Company”, starring Evelyne Brochu of “Orphan Black” fame and Dustin Milligan from “Schitt’s Creek.” It was an engaging, well-acted spy thriller with an interesting set of storylines as a group of operatives work with French resistance to undermine the Nazis during World War II. Exciting, solid production values, very ‘shippable’ characters, ran for a perfectly respectable three seasons: yet no one ever talks about it.

It also feels like comedies, in particular, run a high risk of flying under the radar. Sometimes their style of humor doesn’t immediately mesh with audiences, and by the time viewers grow to appreciate it, the show is long gone. How many people out there are singing the praises of Pete Holmes‘s “Crashing”, a touch and surprisingly funny semi-autobiographical comedy about the life of a struggling comedian? Or “Lovesick”, a show that somehow manages to find the humor in having to call all of your former partners to let them know they may have contracted a sexually transmitted disease?

There are so many shows out there that didn’t get any attention while they were on the air, and they haven’t even benefited from an audience re-evaluation where they get credit for being brilliant after the fact. They seemed doomed to languish in the lonely land of the unknown. So let’s give them a little love, shall we?

What are your favorite TV shows that no one talks about? Let us know in the comments below!