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Circuit Q&A – Which Famous Character Do You Want to See Gender Swapped?

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“Anything you can do; I can do better,” was the slogan for a Nike commercial shown two decades ago featuring Mia Hamm and Michael Jordan as a riff on the popular song from the musical “Annie Get Your Gun.” The commercial showed that women can do things just as well as men. In film, we clammer to see that message live out in the films we see today. It’s why anytime there are rumors of a new James Bond being cast, one of the options many mentions is gender swapping the most famous spy in film history.

How could a female James Bond work? Which actress would don the moniker? Would it be fun to see? What impact would it bring? We ask these questions because we’re curious to see characters we love change to represent who we are.

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In Hollywood, most of our iconic film characters have mostly been men. This is especially the case for big-budget franchises that reign supreme. However, with reboots, re-imaginings or continuations, lately, we have seen studios toy with the concept of gender swapping with movies like “Ocean’s 8” and “MIB: International.” While these casting changes have been a good start, we haven’t seen a studio go all the way.

Furthermore, if we can pack the theater for “Wonder Woman” and “Captain Marvel,” shouldn’t Hollywood think we can do the same for a female Bond? Imagine the impact if audiences saw Emily Blunt or Charlize Theron take on the role. The impact of gender swapping Bond could be huge and change the way we look at the character. The casting would also mean that anyone could play any iconic film character they want, shattering ideas that only men can play lead familiar, culturally resonant film characters.

Bringing a fresh prospectus could do wonders for a franchise, too. For example, look to the TV series “Doctor Who,” which was able to make the transition last year. The move brought tons of new viewers and the show’s quality got better with a fresh take. So maybe it will have to take our friends across the pod to shake things up in the industry.

So with that said, what are some familiar characters that you want to see gender swapped on the big screen? Let us know!

What familiar character would you like to see have a gender swap in a future movie? Let us know in the comments below.


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Ryan McQuade is a film-obsessed writer located in South Texas. Raised on musicals, westerns, and James Bond, his taste in cinema is extremely versatile. He's extremely fond of independent releases and director passion projects. When he's not watching movies, he's watching and rooting for his Dallas Cowboys, Texas Longhorns, or San Antonio Spurs.
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