Circuit Q&A: Who Are Your Favorite Talking Animals in Film?


Animals on film have always been a great source of entertainment. Giving them a star-studded voice to match elevates that even further, making furry creatures even more of a draw. With the upcoming release of “Dolittle,” now seems a perfect opportunity to look back at our favorite talking animals. From marmalade loving bears to kings of the jungle, let’s take a look at some of our favorites.

Starting with someone as wholesome as they come, Paddington Bear truly captured the hearts of all cinema fans when he made his live-action debut in 2014. Voiced by Ben Whishaw, his calm manner and soft-spoken voice is a perfect blend. However, don’t get on his bad side otherwise you may fall victim to his hard stare. Some other children’s classics such as Michael J. Fox as ‘Stuart Little’ and Christine Cavanaugh as ‘Babe’ have all left lasting impacts on many a 90’s child (including myself).

Perhaps you prefer your talking animals with a little more of a darker side. From the 80’s cult classic, “Howard the Duck” to the decade spanning franchise ‘Planet of the Apes’ there is plenty to satisfy mature viewers too. Andy Serkis has frequently been praised for his performance as Caesar over the last six years and for good reason. He brings some incredible nuance with his motion capture performances that match most live-action performances.

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It’s also hard to look past Disney and its contribution to the talking animal genre. From Marvel Studios, we have the gruff-voiced Rocket Racoon. Voiced by Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper, Rocket became an instant fan favorite. If you like your animals a little more realistic, Jon Favreau’s live-action remakes of “The Jungle Book” or “The Lion King” may satisfy you. Whether you loved Bill Murray as Baloo or James Earl Jones as Mufasa, their voice performances embody the personality of their respective characters perfectly.

With so many loveable animals to choose from, it will be no easy task to choose a favorite but

Who is your favorite talking animal? Leave a comment down below!