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For those of us who follow and obsess over Awards Season, Oscar Nominations is simultaneously the most exciting and infuriating day of the year. While many Awards Season darlings will undoubtedly earn their place among the nominees, rarely does The Academy get it one-hundred percent right resulting in the annual Oscar Snubs. Snubs are a guarantee given the limited number of nominations per category. However, sometimes there are performances, scripts, or films so spectacular that it becomes impossible to comprehend their absence. As we close out the 2010s, let’s look back at the decade’s pesky Oscar snubs.

Jake Gyllenhaal is no stranger to finding himself on the outside come the Academy Awards. Nominated only once for his performance in 2005’s “Brokeback Mountain,” Gyllenhaal’s time at the Oscar’s has long been overdue. Between 2013’s “Prisoners,” 2017’s “Stronger” and “Nocturnal Animals,” or even 2012’s “End of Watch,” Gyllenhaal has consistently delivered some of the most transformative and memorable performances of the decade cementing the actor as one of the best working today. However, no performance comes close to matching his alarming and psychopathic turn as a seedy low life in Dan Gilroy‘s 2014 neo-noir “Nightcrawler.” Arguably the biggest snub of the decade, the absence of Gyllenhaal’s career-best performance was not only a massive head-scratcher but an aggravating slap in the face to the profound work of the mere one time Oscar nominee who, truthfully, should’ve won Best Actor that year.

Only a select few filmmakers can attract an audience based on name recognition alone, and even fewer filmmakers can make an event out of their latest releases. Hell, Stephen Spielberg doesn’t have that allure anymore. Christopher Nolan, however, is one of those rare auteurs. Many of the decade’s most talked about and beloved pictures stemmed from the director’s genius amassing both critical and commercial success. Nolan is arguably the most impactful and influential filmmaker working today, which is precisely why it’s so shocking that he has but one Best Director nomination and no win across his impressive body of work. While a nomination for “Dunkirk” was undoubtedly deserved, it was also long overdue after being previously ignored for his groundbreaking work on the Best Picture nominated “Inception” and “The Dark Knight” prior. Perhaps 2020’s “Tenet” will finally earn Nolan the Best Director accolade he deserves.

The decade also brought about such snubs as Amy Adams for “Arrival,” the unforgivable “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” for Best Documentary, and of course, Justin Hurwitz‘s superb “First Man” score for Best Original Score to name a few more. Given the competitive field this Award’s season, there are sure to be even more, but we turn it over to you. Let us know your thoughts on the 2020 Oscar Nominations and tell us: what is the worst Oscar snub of the 2010s?

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