Circuit Round-Up (Week Ending 10/02)


  • Last week saw a rave review of 50/50 from Michael Ward and a recommendation of The Whale from Joey Magidson.
  • Anna Belickis’ Women in Cinema made a triumphant return to The Awards Circuit, with this installment spotlighting one of Hollywood’s most talented young stars.
  • Mike reported on the continuing box office victory of The Lion King 3D.
  • In anticipation of 50/50, Joey celebrated the distinguished career of Joseph Gordon-Levitt for this week’s Under the Circuit.
  • I previewed a surprising number of interesting new theatrical releases.
  • The Awards Circuit staff writers were all profiled for a series called Digging Into.  Clayton wrote about Anna, Anna wrote about Joey, Joey wrote about John, John wrote about me, I wrote about Mike, and Mike wrote about Clayton.  Hope you all had fun learning more about us!
  • Finally, be sure to mark your calendars for November 13th, because that’s when we kick off Academy Idol!  Now’s the time for you all to make your case for what to include in the top 24.