Circuit Round-Up (Week Ending 10/21)


  • With the 2012 Presidential Election right around the corner, and Lincoln a serious contender for “Best Picture,” this week at The Awards Circuit felt more than ever like an arduous yet exciting journey on the campaign trail. Starting us off with this political theme was Joey Magidson, who released his 10 Best Movie Presidents article for your viewing pleasure. Even our Awards Circuit Power Hour episode was heavy on the politics — Oscar politics, that is, centered on politically heavy dramas, Lincoln and Argo, and more “current state of the race” talk. I also pitch a theory to my colleagues about the possibility/likelihood of John Hawkes missing out on a “Best Actor” nod due to the “Hitchcock” factor and the bigger studios having more control over the awards season this year.
  • Newcomer to the writing team, J.D. Ernand, is officially taking on The Blu Circuit column. Check out J.D.’s top picks for the week’s newest Blu-Ray releases (movies and television). It was business as usual for Joey, who selected his DVD Pick-of-the-Week. I’m going to keep my thoughts tightly hidden away concerning Jonathan Demme’s Neil Young Journeys until the end of the year, but it’s Joey’s “lesser of two evils” pick, so if you’re in the mood to watch a legendary musician spit in your face sing for you up close and personal, by all means check out this highly rated documentary.
  • The politics even lingered into our television coverage. Bristol Palin was finally eliminated from Dancing with the Stars this week, so check out what our very own Anna Belickis has to say about this and much more (including an excellent commentary piece on the current state of Adam Sandler’s “cash the check, ignore the quality” career)! The Voice also continued its Battle Round episodes, although with lesser quality than the former week’s outstanding back-to-back shows.
  • Guess what sadly ended for New York film enthusiasts this week? Yep, you guessed it — the 50th Annual New York Film Festival drew to a close, but try not to shed too many tears because we compiled a “best of NYFF” list. Based on his recommendations, I’m sure you’ll all be hungrily anticipating these NYFF-featured films as they come closer and closer your way.
  • Mark Johnson posted an extra special article this week alongside his Circuit 3 and Around the Circuit columns. In honor of The Sessions and, let’s face it, The Academy’s love of biographical films, Mark compiled an incredible list of the 10 Greatest Biopics in cinema history.
  • Joaquin Phoenix, arguably the front runner for “Best Actor” at next year’s Oscars®, may have shot himself in the right foot (DDL’s got his claim on the left one — sorry, Joaquin!) by profusely criticizing the Oscar® proceedings, especially the campaigning process, and admitting to wanting no “part of it.” Joey Magidson analyzes the damage that Joaquin may have caused both himself and The Master in regards to the 85th Academy Awards. Please tell share with us your thoughts on the controversy!
  • The first film-in-year award nominations have been announced this week with The Gotham Independent Awards. Among the hopefuls nominated, Ava DuVernay’s festival and critical darling, Middle of Nowhere, was the surprise nominee in the lineup, garnerning “Best Film” and “Best Actress” nods. The Master and Moonrise Kingdom were expected to make the cut, but Middle of Nowhere‘s inclusion could mean some Academy Award recognition. If it does receive any Academy attention, I believe it’ll be in the “Best Original Screenplay” category (DuVernay wrote the script on top of directing). Middle of Nowhere’s screenplay is, in my opinion, the strongest component of the film, and being that this is a weak year for the category, DuVernay could shock many by finding a spot for herself in the mix of five.
  • Finally, we’ve got even more updated Oscar Predictions for everyone! Following Clayton Davis’ updated Editor selections, along with the staff, Golden Globe, newly integrated FYC tracker and SAG nomination predictions were all updated this week! Please check those out, and while you’re at it, be sure to notice a posting of our three new contributing writers: Tiffany Chai, J.D. Ernand and Nicole Melkonian! Please make them feel right at home! Once again, thank you all for another great week and a big THANK YOU for the increase in traffic! Your readership is why we continue to do what we love doing, so give yourselves a pat on the back. Thanks, and stay tuned for another thrilling week here at The Awards Circuit!