Circuit Round-Up (Week Ending 10/7)


  • Editor-in-Chief Clayton Davis, Terence Johnson and Joey Magidson sat down to record another episode of Power Hour this week. Joey and Clayton shared their somewhat muted feedback of NYFF’s debut film, Life of Pi, a movie that visually titillated but stumbled in its storytelling. The trio also surmised the possibility of Kristen Stewart coming from out of the hellish year she’s been having, rising like a Joaquin phoenix and nabbing a “Best Actress” nomination for On the Road. Nothing says “comeback” like an Oscar nod!
  • Before Joey Magidson responded to the floating idea of film’s questionable decay, he proved that DVD’s are still quite the business inducer by selecting his DVD Picks-of-the-Week. The main honor goes to Peace, Love & Misunderstanding. Before I figured out what the sure-bet family dramedy was (*cough* Silver Linings Playbook *cough*) for next year’s Oscars, I actually believed this film, starring the rarely seen Jane Fonda, would make the same sort of summer splash at the Oscars as 2010’s The Kids Are All Right. Unlike that film, it’s safe to say that Peace, Love & Misunderstanding was a wrong place to hedge my early bets, but according to Joey it’s enjoyable enough for a recommendation, so I’ll take my mini-victories where they lay. For his vintage selection, Joey went with New York Stories in lieu of this week’s V/H/S, which also utilizes a similar anthology format.
  • Editor-in-Chief Clayton Davis also published several articles this week concerning the all-important awards race that’s currently baking at 450° F. First, Clayton updated the official Oscar 2013 Predictions with some wishes in tow. My wish? If the Academy rightfully awards Joaquin Phoenix with the “Best Actor” Oscar that he deserves ten lifetimes over, I might –and I stress might — forgive the 2011 snubs of Michael Fassbender, Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan, and Albert Brooks. Nope, still not over it…sorry! Clayton also announced Seth MacFarlane as the new Oscar host, for which we all say…HOT DIGGITY! Returning as well was Clayton’s Oscar Question of the Day, for which readers could fictitiously  give an actor (or several) four Oscars, and then award an Oscar to an actor in an awards-worthy voice role. If only reality matched our kindness!
  • I close the round-up with an entertainment form that hasn’t received a great deal of coverage as of late, but is in fact so corollary to Oscars 2013 by way of Grammy winner, Adele. Yes, the medium of “music” has re-entered into The Awards Circuit fold thanks to the British pop sensation’s newly-released song for James Bond’s upcoming adventure in Skyfall. Is it now the front runner for “Best Original Song,” or will some eligibility rule crush the dreams of millions of Bond/Adele fans everywhere? Time will tell, and we hope you’re right there with us when the news breaks for the better or worse. Thank you once again for your weekly readership, and stay tuned for more scares and an even higher degree of Oscar talk in the near future!