Circuit Round-Up (Week Ending 11/11)


  • Hello again, readers of The Awards Circuit! Before I begin the week’s recap, I want to first start off by saying a big “THANK YOU” to Daniel Ashtiany for taking over the reins for me while I was covering the AFI Film Fest. Great job, mate! Speaking of Los Angeles’ second major film festival of the year — which sadly came to an end on Thursday — did you happen to check out the AFI Fest wrap-up article, citing the best of the best in above-the-line categories (Tiff Chai, Nicole Melkonian and I select our individual picks)? At the very least, I hope we helped rev up a bit of excitement for some of the hottest movies coming out this winter!
  • This week on Power Hour, we grappled with the most important question in the history of modern cinema (at least according to yours truly): What do we all think about Disney buying Lucasfilm; and more importantly, how do we feel about the realization that THERE IS GOING TO BE A STAR WARS EPISODE 7!? Phew, I got a little carried away there…I better keep that inner fanboy in check! Please listen to the episode to find out our answers and much more, including our thoughts on some of the most recent films to land in theaters (or in Flight’s case, take off!). This episode also features Special Guest Star Edward Douglas from
  • Just when we thought we were out, he webbed us back in! That’s right, I’m talking about Joey Magidson’s DVD Pick-of-the-Week: The Amazing Spider-Man. Joey and I are in the minority of folks who absolutely feel this is the best entry in the Spidey franchise, aided greatly by Andrew Garfield in the lead role, his amazing chemistry with Emma Stone, and Marc Webb’s character-over-action sensibility. Call The Amazing Spider-Man the anti-Transformers, if you will. For his vintage choice, Joey went with the obvious selection in honor of Bond week, and a great one at that: Casino Royale, which happened to be his favorite Bond film pre-Skyfall.
  • Two veteran actors currently on the road to Oscar® for their biopic roles as Abraham Lincoln and Alfred HitchcockDaniel Day-Lewis and Anthony Hopkins, respectively — get a detour down memory lane first, courtesy of our very own John H. Foote. Our resident film historian lists the greatest performances of Hopkins and Day-Lewis, and we ask that you join him and incorporate your own lists into the mix — we’d love to read them!
  • Lionsgate and their subsidiary company, Summit Entertainment, have two big Oscar® players on their hands according to Editor-in-Chief Clayton Davis: Naomi Watts in The Impossible and Richard Gere in Arbitrage. Will The Academy go for them, or will they go for more showier roles in other Oscar-friendly films? Time will tell, but let’s hope the voters don’t fail to see the greatness in front of them.
  • This time around, I’ll leave you with a farewell gift. In preparation for the upcoming announcement of the Academy Idol Top 26, here is the teaser for the new season for those who have yet to watch it. Stay excited, because cinema’s largest online competition is about to commence! Prepare yourselves for the biggest, most amazing season of Academy Idol yet — we promise!! Have a great rest of the week, everyone!