Circuit Round-Up (Week Ending 1/13)



  • The only way to sum up the week is with two simple words: Oscar® Nominations. As you might have heard in our special LIVE Power Hour episode, The Awards Circuit staff was more than a little shocked by the unveiling of the nominees. All we kept thinking as the Director’s category was being announced was, “Okay, where’s Bigalow; where’s Affleck?” And when neither appeared, we felt like a sick joke had been played on the prognostication community. But oh no, this was actually the case, and many more snubs and surprises lay ahead for us and the rest of the country. Here’s how you reacted in a special edition of Circuit 3. Also, don’t forget to check how our predictions matched up with the results (for those who are curious, Staff Writer Mark Johnson was this year’s prognostication champion with 89/122 correct predictions).
  • Staff writers Joey Magidson and Anna Belickis each published reflective articles pertaining to this season’s awards race. Joey feels that no matter the Oscar® lineup — or even its eventual winners — we, as the movie-going public, ultimately won in 2012 when it came to the quality of films released, and those that were recognized as such. Meanwhile, Anna Belickis returned to the headlines with an edition of Women in Cinema, which focused on each of the “Best Actress” contenders and their chances of making it into the final lineup. Turns out Anna’s final five was almost correct. The one to miss was Marion Cotillard, an assured lock by many pundits across the blogosphere.
  • Having just seen it, I can definitely support Joey’s DVD Pick-of-the-Week. Thanks to a sensational performance by Ann Dowd and independent filmmaking that evinces more harrowing suspense than many high-stakes Hollywood thrillers, Craig Zobel’s controversial Compliancebecame this week’s “must-see” new release. For his vintage selection in honor of Gangster Squad, Joey decided to go with Ruben Fleischer’s prior screen effort, Zombieland. Truth be told, I don’t remember much about it other than that unforgettable cameo by Bill Murray, who plays himself to great comedic effect. That scene alone is worth every dollar.
  • Guess who is going to the Sundance Film Festival this year? We are! Well, to be specific…Terence Johnson and Joey Magidson are making the trek out to Utah’s famed location for this esteemed movie venue: Park City. There, perhaps they will discover this year’s next Beasts of the Southern Wild. It should be a fun adventure — and the first time The Awards Circuit is covering Sundance — so gear up for all the in-depth coverage coming your way from the frontlines.
  • Finally, Clayton Davis prepares us for today’s Golden Globes ceremony with some last-minute predictions. Will Life of Pi make a giant splash in preparation for a sure-to-be competitive Oscar® night? We shall certainly see. Please join us for the LIVE Blog of the telecast tonight at 7:30pm Eastern/ 5:30pm Pacific. Be on the lookout later this week for Staff Top 10’s, Davis Award winners, and a few more surprises you might not have foreseen. Thank you again for your readership — have a terrific week!