Circuit Round-Up (Week Ending 1/20)



  • If you missed our Awards Circuit Power Hour podcast pre-Globes/post-Oscar nominations, please have a listen here.
  • New movie reviews of the week came mostly from our two brave soldiers in the winter wonderland that is Park City, Utah. Kill Your Darlings, Mud and Crystal Fairy came from Sundance, with Michael Apted’s 56 Up the only non-festival film review. Trailers included Emperor, Mud, and Red 2.
  • For Joey’s DVD Pick-of-the-Week, Mr. Magidson went with a film that not a lot of people might’ve heard of but should check out regardless: basketball doc, The Other Dream Team. I myself have no idea what to expect from this film since I too have been in the dark about it, but alas Joey is usually right about these things. For his vintage selection, Joey opted for City Hall, a little-seen but highly touted crime film in honor of a Mark Wahlberg vehicle with a similar narrative angle, Broken City.
  • As a reaction to the surprise of Argo‘s huge win at the Globes, combined with the unending support for Ben Affleck and other directors who were snubbed by The Academy™, new opinion pieces were published on our site. Joey ponders the historical feat Argo might accomplish with a “Best Picture” win, while Editor-in-Chief Clayton Davis asks us to go back many years and decide what other directors were left out in the cold, snubbed but never spoken about as much as Affleck or Bigalow this year. Should their films have won “Best Picture,” and if so, which ones?
  • The Golden Globes weren’t the only bright spots of television this week. E! and other networks had their usual red carpet shows that honed in on the stars in their dresses and outfits as they made their way inside the awards venue. However, they didn’t have as astute an expert on fashion like our very own Anna Belickis, who delivered to us her Best and Worst Dressed lists with flair and accuracy. Also returning to television was FOX ratings juggernaut, American Idol! Thanks to a great new panel of judges that entertain as often as they critique, Idol Season 12 looks like it could be a winner after all! Check out my Week One Recap, featuring the Top 5 Contestants to Watch.
  • Thank you all for another fantastic week, and we also ask that you make your voice known concerning your experience with this entertainment outlet by filling out our annual Awards Circuit Survey. Circuit Award nominees will be unveiled later today on the podcast, so stay tuned and continue to have a terrific Martin Luther King Jr. weekend!