Circuit Round-Up (Week Ending 1/27)



  • As the talk of 2012 slowly comes to an end, The Awards Circuit moves forward by embracing the new film year. Joey Magidson and Terence Johnson spent a full nine days in Park City, Utah getting to know the films and filmmakers that could make a huge impact in 2013. Check out their interviews, reviews and daily video blogs for the latest Sundance reports. Be sure to also glance at the Sundance Award Winners, just announced last night. It’s no surprise that the festival’s big awards champion, Fruitvale, is now in the nurturing yet powerful hands of The Weinstein Company.
  • On the latest episode of Awards Circuit Power Hour, Terence gave us the lowdown on the Sundance experience, Academy Idol results were revealed, and the first annual Circuit Award nominees were announced! Speaking of announcements, did you know ACCA voting is currently open, and will be for the next week or so? Don’t let your voice go unheard any longer — VOTE now! Be sure to also take a glance at Editor-in-Chief Clayton Davis’ Best Films of 2012.
  • For his DVD Pick-of-the-Week, Joey opted for one of the best unseen films of 2012: the gritty cop drama that unexpectedly arrests your emotions, David Ayer’s End of Watch. In honor of the upcoming political film, Knife Fight, Joey’s vintage choice is none other than the similarly themed Ides of March.
  • While Kathryn Bigelow found herself on the cover of TIME Magazine for her “controversial” masterpiece, Zero Dark Thirty, J.J. Abrams discovered that soon he’d be on every magazine cover in the world following the breaking news of his new role to steer the Star Wars franchise in the right direction away from George Lucas. As “safe” as the choice might be, I can’t envision Abrams screwing up his latest directorial challenge, if nothing else out of fear of being called “Jar Jar Abrams” for the rest of his life.
  •  It’s been a bittersweet week for us on a personal level, as we are sad to say goodbye to Daniel Ashtiany and John H. Foote but entirely happy to see the talented Nicole Melkonian and Tiff Chai (California Gurls, they’re undeniable!) join the ranks of the staff. Robert Hamer is also taking a leave of absence, but fear not…he will return!
  • This week also marked the return of our annual Oscar Circuit series, which brings readers an in-depth look at each category of the Oscar® race. I kicked things off with Cinematography, then handed the baton to Mark Johnson as he tackled Sound Editing, and finally Anna Belickis closed the week with a big touch of Makeup.
  • Finally, how could we not end the week with the big bang that was the Producers Guild of America Awards? With another slightly shocking win for Argo, is Clayton Davis correct in thinking that history could very well be made with Ben Affleck’s mega-popular film? We shall find out in about twenty or so days! Thank you for your loyalty and readership as always. One more thing before I say goodbye: today, we will be holding another LIVE Blog during the SAG televised awards ceremony. Please join us if you can!