Circuit Round-Up (Week Ending 1/6)



  • The penultimate week before Oscars are announced has come to an end, ballots have been turned in, and now only five days separate us between not knowing the Academy Award™ nominations and finding out how just how in-touch (or out-of-touch) The Awards Circuit is with 2013’s Oscar® lineup. I, for one, can’t control my nerves thanks to a mixture of excitement, anticipation and fear that a favorite or several will be snubbed like always. Making our jobs somewhat easier was the early unveiling of the Producers Guild of America nominations, which saw under-the-radar players like Moonrise Kingdom and Skyfall in the mix. And in what’s becoming an increasingly unfortunate pattern, The Master — yet again — was snubbed. Does that mean its chances are now shot completely?
  • In response to the above question: perhaps so. With the influential British voting bloc potentially gravitating towards successful hits like Skyfall and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, The Master is going to have a difficult time keeping its head above water. Doubly troubling is the possible surprise entry or two that no one sees coming and doesn’t want to envision either. Editor-in-Chief Clayton Davis examines a multitude of such films that would unpleasantly shock if nominated for “Best Picture.”
  • While the race continues to heat up, the real boiler room this week occurred in our New Years Eve Awards Circuit Power Hour podcast where the staff stood on opposing sides when it came to award contenders Les Miserables and Django Unchained. The bigger question is how are such polarizing films for critics and moviegoers going to be seen in the eyes of the esteemed Academy™? We tackle it all as well as sound off on our New Year’s resolutions for 2013 (I’m still holding true to mine for now!). Be sure to check out the year-end podcast that is sure to fuel you with enthusiasm for 2013.
  • This week was an easy one for Joey Magidson to deem one lucky film his DVD Pick-of-the-Week. A film I find to be absolutely stunning, and tying with The Dark Knight Rises for best movie ending in 2013…Rian Johnson‘s wickedly clever Looper. I truly disliked Johnson’s prior Joseph Gordon-Levitt outing with Brick, but man oh man, Looper was a different specimen entirely. For his vintage selection, Joey went with The Grey in honor of January releases that are actually “G-R-E-Y-T” (You tell ’em, Tony!).
  • To kick-start our “Best of” lists from Film 2012, Mark Johnson released his “Top 10 Biggest Breakout Performances of 2012” list. I think I can speak for most everyone when I say that we look forward to nearly all of these 2012 breakout stars in future roles.
  • The newest trailer released stars a man we know as The Rock but professionally acknowledged as Dwayne JohnsonSnitch. The only review of the week was for a serious awards contender in “The Best Animated Feature” category, The Painting, a film that also finds itself a surprising Davis Award nominee.
  • Last of all, we began advertising our upcoming award ceremonies: ACCA and the new Awards Circuit Staff Awards (which will be retitled shortly, so stand by!). Staff Top 10’s are on their way as well, so please stay tuned as the month of January officially becomes the “month in which all will be revealed.” Final Oscar Staff Predictions hit the site early this coming week, with Editor Predictions to arrive shortly before the announcement of the 85th Annual Academy Award™ nominees. Thank you all so much for keeping your eyes constantly glued on The Awards Circuit as we bring you the most up-to-date news on all-things awards. Drop off your Oscar® theories and questions for today’s recording of Power Hour, and be sure to have a glorious week!