Circuit Round-Up (Week Ending 2/10)



  • We are now officially two weeks away from Oscar Sunday, which only means The Awards Circuit is working double-time to bring you the latest and greatest in awards news. We started off our charitable offerings with some fun yet informative banter on Power Hour, each of us sharing our thoughts on the state of the race (as in: Argo or Lincoln; ignore ALL else). On top of revealing who went home on Academy Idol — the most shocking elimination of the season, by the way — Editor-in-Chief Clayton Davis was proud to announce your 2012 Awards Circuit Community Award nominees! I hope a vast majority of your votes made an impact on this year’s ACCA lineup. Also, don’t forget to keep voting while the polls remain open!
  • Joey Magidson goes for an overlooked documentary in his newest DVD Pick-of-the-Week article, the movie-specific Side by Side. The doc draws attention to the digital vs. film debate amongst the most elite of filmmakers; this selection should be a no-brainer for anyone who calls themselves a passionate lover of cinema. What’s also a no-brainer is Joey’s vintage choice in honor of the recently released Top Gun 3D. If, like me, you’ve been living under a rock when it comes to some really popular movies you’ve somehow missed in your youth, it might be time to make amends before anyone finds out by watching the original Top Gun. Does this mean I’m admitting to never having seen Tom Cruise’s career launcher? I’ll plead the fifth but watch anyway so that there’s no just cause for criminal prosecution.
  • Hollywood Week began on American Idol and by the end of Thursday’s show, only the twenty most elite men in the competition remained standing. Here are five that I feel we should be keeping watchful eyes on.
  • Thank you all for another great week, and we hope you continue to visit the site and read our up-to-the-minute content!