Circuit Round-Up (Week Ending 2/17)



  • We’re just one week away from the 85th Annual Academy Awards, and the love for Argo continues to pile up even in these last few crucial days. In the latest Power Hour, The Awards Circuit staff discussed how the USC Scripter Awards and BAFTAs — both, of course, went for Ben Affleck’s awards sweeper — affects the Oscar® race. It’s a no-brainer where Argo’s headed, but is Emmanuelle Riva’s surprise victory over Jennifer Lawrence at the BAFTAs a sign that her birthday will be extra special come Oscar night? We shall soon find out.
  • For his DVD Pick-of-the-Week, Joey Magidson selected one of my absolute favorite films of last year…the spectacular Skyfall. I knew I deeply enjoyed it the first time I saw it, but after a second viewing I realized it’s quite simply one of the greatest Bond entries in the franchise. Hats off, Sam Mendes — you’ve found your calling at last! For his vintage selection, Mr. Magidson suggested we open our Christmas presents early this year by revisiting the original Christmas-set Die Hard in honor of the recently-released fifth installment, A Good Day to Die Hard.
  • This week on American Idol, the girls had their turn to face the trials and tribulations of “Hollywood Week.” Thursday’s show also revealed the Top 40 semifinalists, all of whom will move on to the “Sudden Death” round in Las Vegas, where five singers will be cut per show for the next two weeks.
  • After winning ACE and and WGA, Argo has become one of the most dominant films in precursor history. A loss on Oscar night would be the equivalent of falling off a pyramid and into a Sarlacc Pit.
  • Finally, as Clayton releases his most up-to-date Oscar Predictions, I finalize my own in my “Will Win/Should Win” piece, an annual series that will be updated daily by a different member of the staff until Oscar Sunday (note: a few staff writers will share days). Have a great week everyone, vote for your ABSOLUTE favorite finalist to win Academy Idol, and be sure to join us for our LIVE Podcast and Blog this Sunday (details will be announced). Just think — by the time you see this weekly column posted next, we’ll know all the Oscar winners! That’s a pretty scary yet exciting thought! See you on the other side…