Circuit Round-Up (Week Ending 2/24)



  • Well it happened, ladies and gents! Ben Affleck’s mega-popular Argo Crash“-ed its way to “Best Picture” victory. Just like Paul Haggis’ come-from-behind champion in 2006, Argo took home the very same wins in the very same categories (Picture, Screenplay, and Editing), in addition to being announced the winner by Jack Nicholson yet again. The Crash deja vu didn’t stop there — Ang Lee sailed past Steven Spielberg to win the “Best Director” prize, with his competing film once again losing to a movie that only garnered three wins total for the night, and again was proclaimed the victor by Jack Nicholson. History repeats itself folks, but in this case I couldn’t have been happier. Affleck’s tearful yet gracious speech, coupled with Argo’s impressive dominance throughout the awards season, made for a fitting end to a very competitive race where we still didn’t fully know what would happen until the last word was uttered by guest-presenter, Michelle Obama. Check out the full winners here, and thanks again for participating in our LIVE Blog and tuning in for Sunday’s last-minute LIVE Power Hour episode.
  • As you all know, the Independent Spirit Awards were quite smitten with the quasi-independent feature, Silver Linings Playbook (certainly much more than the Oscars were). However, the awards show that’s more important — at least to us, that is — is the Davis Awards. Editor-in-Chief Clayton Davis shares with us his “Best of Film 2012,” including 15 of the year’s best movie scenes that are each worth revisiting time and time again.
  • Joey Magidson’s DVD Pick-of-the-Week also happens to be this year’s “Best Picture” winner. Yep, kind of hard to flub this one up — it’s the perfectly entertaining Argo. While just shy of my Top 10, it’s easily Affleck’s most confident, slick and meticulously executed film to date. What makes it even better is a career-best performance by Affleck and Chris Terrio’s wonderful script, one that manages to balance out laughs with some legitimate, well-earned thrills. For his vintage selection in honor of the upcoming double feature Red Flag and Rubberneck, Joey went with Grindhouse, the Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez double feature that transported me back to a time period that took great pride in the moviegoing experience: 70’s double-feature matinee viewing….priceless!
  • This week on American Idol, half of the Top 40 sang and a quarter of this weekly group went home by the end of Thursday night. What did I think of each night of competition, which was separated by gender in this latest round of Sudden Death? Read my episode recaps to find out!
  • Thank you all so much for an incredible year at The Awards Circuit. Although Oscar® season won’t start up again for quite awhile, the fun never stops here (hence our motto!). Clayton Davis will be updating his Oscar 2014 predictions, and the staff will soon be following suit. Of course I can say I have it all figured out, but as we all know that’s never the case until the festivals come around! We sincerely thank you again for your unwavering loyalty and constant readership. Here’s to another fantastic year at The Awards Circuit…Where Oscar Never Ends!