Circuit Round-Up (Week Ending 5/13)


  • Hello, hello everyone! It was another stupendous week here at The Awards Circuit. We began the week by facing the single greatest success known to movie-kind in a box office weekend: The Avengers! Yep, this superhero flick mowed down every single movie competitor that has ever stood before it. Easily surpassing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2‘s previous record of $168 Million, The Avengers managed to rake in a staggering $207.4 Million in total for its opening weekend. In The Incredible Hulk’s terms: ME HULK! YOU POTTER BOY! CRUSH!

  • We always talk movies here at The Awards Circuit, but it’s also nice from time to time to turn our attention towards our fellow critics. The most recognizable and renowned film critic of all time, Mr. Roger Ebert, recently released a list of his “Top 10 Films of All Time.” What is most surprising about this list is the newest inclusion of last year’s The Tree of Life. To be fair, Ebert has 2001: A Space Odyssey included as well, so I suspect Ebert is all about films that send you on a transcendental journey that need not be explained through a concrete narrative. I can only imagine how satisfied Mr. Hamer is at BOTH films’ inclusions. Me? Well, I can safely die a happy man knowing that Mr. Ebert selected my second-favorite film of all time for this list, Alfred Hitchock’s “perfect-to-a-tee” Vertigo.
  • We also began the new wave of Awards Profiles for the month of May. Joey Magidson started things off with Oliver Stone’s Savages. I honestly cannot remember a Stone film I’ve ever enjoyed. However, Blake Lively’s involvement in the film has me excited, if for no other reason than I want to see how much she’s evolved since her breakout role in The Town. Terence Johnson continued next with his profiling of Sundance fave, Beasts of the Southern Wild. Can this film do what Where the Wild Things Are could not? We shall see. Next was Mark Johnson with his examination of Kar Wai Wong’s The Grandmasters. Those who are familiar with this man’s work know that he is Asian cinema’s equivalent to America’s Terence Malick. Don’t expect to understand or fully comprehend a Kar Wai Wong film — it’s damn near impossible. While I am no great fan of this auteur, this film could be the one that The Academy bends its knee to. Joey’s look into Imogene has me wondering if Kristin Wiig can strike lighting twice. Let’s hope a distributor picks up this potential awards contender. Finally, I ended the week with a look (some might call it an interrogation) into the fourth Bourne flick, The Bourne Legacy. If Tony Gilroy can do for action what he does with his fiercely suspenseful screenplays, I’ll be a believer in this man’s talent as a director.
  • Joey’s DVD Pick-of-the-Week is equally disturbing and appropriate: Mother’s Day. I don’t want to dive too deeply into this horror pick, as I imagine Joey wants this week to be nothing but a distant memory, but please do take a glance at his Vintage choices: The films of Chloe Grace Moretz and Blake Lively. I can promise you, Kick-Ass may make you rethink the top tier of superhero flicks (oooh…them’s fightin’ words!).
  • America really stuck it to me and Anna this week by eliminating some of our favorites from Dancing with the Stars, The Voice, and American Idol. Anna considered Roshon Fegan to be the best male dancer of the bunch, but I suppose all those weeks of falling into the bottom two were an indicator that the end was soon. Jermaine Paul was crowned the winner of NBC’s The Voice despite off-key singing and a general lack of artistic originality. If I sound like a bitter dwarf whose name rhymes with “lumpy,” you wouldn’t be wrong. I’m furious, especially in light of the fact that a rocker chick –once again — loses a singing competition despite delivering brilliant performance after brilliant performance on a weekly basis. Juliet Simms’ best performance was “It’s is Man’s Man’s Man’s World.” She was right. Breaking my heart (and the hearts of Awards Circuit readers) one more time this week was American Idol. America, are you really going to let Phillip Phillips — “Vote for the Worst’s” Mascot — slide on by just from one great performance despite weeks of torturous ones? Poor Hollie Cavanagh and all her fellow Holliepops. You were robbed!
  • Did you guys check out Mark and Terence Johnsons’ weekly columns, Circuit 3 and Late Pass? Mark makes his case for the three best Clooney flicks while Terence fills us in on news that avoided the fly swatter earlier in the week.
  • Guess which part of our revamped site received a new overhaul this week? For those of you who haven’t noticed, we now have brand new Oscar Predictions up, featuring a whole new layout that I hope you’ll enjoy. Editor-in-Chief Clayton Davis gives us his updates on Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Supporting Actress. Later in the week, he also updated the predictions with Best Original Screenplay and Best Adapted Screenplay. Enjoy, and please share your own forecasts!
  • ACCA is returning very soon but covering the medium of…TELEVISION! That’s right, thanks to our loyal reader John Rivera, we have decided to ask readers to vote for the best in 2011-2012 Television. Please get the clockwork going, because voting arrives very soon. You will get an entire week, starting May 21st, to vote for your favorites in television in each of our specified categories. Then on May 28th, the ACCA TV Nominations will officially be announced! Remember, this is YOUR awards show, so no television program is too low or high in stature in our book when you guys are the ones deciding. I cannot wait to see what commences!
  • Closing things up, we must now turn our attention to the best event that went down this week. If you look at our staff, you will see an eclectic mix from all sides of the country. Although our views may vary from time to time, our passion for Oscars, film, television, and awards prognostication remains equal. It is with even greater pleasure to know that we have a new writer who isn’t even from this country, offering us a brand new perspective on cinema from across the pond in The United Kingdom. On behalf of The Awards Circuit, I would like to remind everyone of Britain’s very own premiere critic on this site…*drum roll*…Daniel Ashtiany! With his incredible article detailing the career of Britain’s unparalleled acting dame, Vanessa Redgrave, Daniel Ashtiany is already proving himself to be the stuff of legend. I cannot wait to read more, and I imagine neither can our readers. Welcome aboard sir, and I do hope you feel right at home in this tight-knit community.
  • Another great week, everyone! Again, thank you for your continual support, and let’s make this another fantastic week here at The Awards Circuit!