Circuit Round-Up (Week Ending 5/27)


  • Another week has come and gone at The Awards Circuit. This week was especially important because we began our first ever ACCA TV. I hope everyone has voted for their favorites in television, because your nominations will be announced very soon! Personally, I absolutely have no idea which shows or performances jive with everyone, but that’s all part of the excitement. I suspect we’ll have a worthy nomination list after all the votes have been tallied.
  • Did everyone catch this week’s Awards Circuit Power Hour episode? We welcomed newcomers Mark Johnson, Terence Johnson, and Daniel Ashtiany into the discussion. Their contributions to the episode were fantastic — no surprise there — and we look forward to hearing more from them in future episodes. I hope everyone enjoyed the new segments that were created just for your listening pleasure. Terence’s “Stop Making It Happen” segment will have you nodding in agreement while howling in laughter, and Mark’s “Did You Know” fact may spin your head around in Linda Blair fashion by its shock value. Great stuff, so please do listen!
  • We also presented some more trailers and film clips for you to feast on. Beginning with the return of 007 in Skyfall, we unleashed trailers/clips of The Master, The Great Gatsby, The Walking Dead (Season Three), and Killing Them Softly. All have the potential to be serious award contenders come Emmy, Golden Globe, and Oscar time. Well, that is unless The Great Gatsby turns out to be the next J. Edgar. Like our own John H. Foote, I actually enjoyed J. Edgar, but I can understand the trepidation one feels by this comparison after mixed reaction was given towards The Great Gatsby trailer. Let’s just hope this adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s literature classic doesn’t leave viewers as shell-shocked for all the wrong reasons like Clint’s biopic did last fall.
  • New Award Profiles were brought to us this week by Terence, Daniel, and Anna. Terence dived into the Wachowski Bros. most recent foray into sci-fi: Cloud Atlas. I’m not holding my breath for the film, but it could very well be a sleeper agent that takes me by surprise. Daniel covered Dustin Hoffman’s first directorial effort, Quartet. I honestly cannot pinpoint what excites me more: Dustin’s directorial debut or yet another project that the wonderfully feisty Maggie Smith is involved in. Personally, I’m leaning toward the latter. In a Betty White dominated world, it’s refreshing when the actual dame of the elderly school of acting surges forward in popularity. Betty, you better watch your back because Maggie is right behind you, and she ain’t no Golden Girl. Finally, Anna ended the week with a look into Sparkle, a film that was meant to serve as Whitney Houston’s acting comeback. Will Houston be the next posthumous Oscar nominee following Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight? The quality of Whitney’s acting will be scrutinized from top to bottom if nothing else, but I for one believe this nomination isn’t out of reach for Houston, and it might even be wholly deserving.
  • Joey Magidson’s DVD Picks-of-the-Week were surprising but oddly satisfying. For his new release, Joey chose the first film he saw in 2012, Newlyweds. This romantic dramedy, based on the poster, reminds me of Once without the music. Am I alone in thinking this way? I’m going to add this to my Netflix account regardless. For his vintage choice in honor of Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom, Joey selected the polarizing Imaginary Heroes. As someone who knows all too well about sharing an unpopular opinion with Roger Ebert concerning a film — Crash, for those of you wondering — I can sympathize with Joey’s advocacy of an undervalued flick. Containing actors I admire and respect, I’ll definitely check this one out when I find time.
  • Oh television, we seemed to have ended on a sour note this season. Four — count em’, four — of the most popular reality shows ended by crowning winners who I felt didn’t deserve the grand prize. The Voice, Celebrity Apprentice, Dancing with the Stars, and American Idol all managed to knock me to the ground and kick me some more to make sure I stayed down for good. Look, I understand Donald Driver had an amazing Freestyle, but how was he more consistent than William Levy or Katherine Jenkins across the entire season? Plus, the two of them out-danced him every ballroom step of the way. Well, at least the guy improved and was passionate about being on the program. Speaking of passion, did anyone check out that incredible Idol finale duet between Jennifer Holliday and Jessica Sanchez? That duet alone could nab Idol the Emmy for “Best Reality Competition Program” this year. EPICALLY UNREAL. I wish I could have had the same excitement for the winner. After clearly winning two out of the three performance rounds, Jessica Sanchez was still shunned by the public, losing out to Phillip Phillips in the end. I know I’m beating a dead horse, but seriously…when is the “white guy with guitar” winning streak going to end on Idol? And please do not tell me they were all deserving of the win in their respective seasons. P2 can’t sing a song to vocal perfection without first dissecting the melody, and don’t even get me stated on Lee DeWyze. Let’s just say I’ve heard garbage compactors sing more in tune. Like Joshua Ledet and Juliet Simms sang this season on Idol and The Voice, singing competition shows have really become “…A Man’s Man’s Man’s World.” A girl hasn’t won a season of Idol in over five years, and if the pattern continues the way it has been going, I imagine it’ll stay the same for another half-decade.
  • New film reviews hit the site this week: Mother’s Day, The Dictator, Indie Game: The Movie, The Intouchables, and Men in Black 3. Suffice it to say, it probably wasn’t the best week or weekend to go see a new release and expect quality. For Memorial Day Weekend, did you keep it strictly patriotic with The Avengers, or was a No Country for Old Men reunion just too good to pass up? Word is that Josh Brolin’s Tommy Lee Jones impression is too good to miss; that may be the one selling point I’d even go for.
  • Speaking of old men with guns, Mark Johnson published a new Circuit 3 article this week, turning to John Wayne as his actor of focus. The legend of cinema’s Wild Wild Western genre would have turned 105 this year. Triple that number, and you still wouldn’t have the fully body count that John Wayne accrued across his many films. Be sure to post your favorite John Wayne films after reading Mark’s column.
  • Once again, we had another terrific week here at The Awards Circuit. Some major articles will be coming forth from each of the staff writers, so stay tuned. As always, we thank you for your constant loyalty and dedicated readership. Au revoir!