• So many events went down this week at The Awards Circuit that my circuits threatened to overload! No, ladies and gentlemen, I am no android a la Fassbender’s David from Prometheus, but I was overwhelmed — in the best way possible, of course — by the plethora of great articles we delivered for you all week. After starting the week with a quick news round-up, courtesy of Terence Johnson’s Late Pass series, we quickly posted our brand new “Power Hour” episode for all interested ears! Where do you all stand on the debate of which actress is fairest of them all: Charlize Theron or Kristen Stewart? This, and many more topics are heavily discussed and weighed, so please check out the podcast!
  • Joey Magidson’s DVD/Blu-Ray Pick-of-the-Week was…John Carter! Yep, the massive flop somehow rose above it all to capture the heart of our perennial film critic, and I for one want to check out what Joey finds so recommendable about this sci-fi tanker. For his vintage choice, Mr. Magidson chose the amusingly unique Breaking Upwards. Can’t say I’ve ever heard of the film, but after already discovering one hidden gem this week with Josh Radnor’s HappyThankYouMorePlease, I’ll certainly be adding this indie to my Netflix account.
  • Despite it being the summer season, TV certainly had a lot to celebrate this week. After NBC and its fan-favorite show Community led the nominations for the 2nd Annual Critics Choice Television Awards, our very own ACCA TV nominations were also unveiled for your pleasure! Just like the Critics Choice Television Awards, Community dominated many of our categories. Which acting dame will reign supreme in the “Best Supporting Actress” category: Maggie Smith or Jessica Lange (or perhaps neither)? *Rubs palms together* I cannot wait to find out! Voting for the winners will commence soon, so get your hot-pressed voting fingers ready!
  • Did everyone check out the new trailers, clips, and footage from Wreck-It Ralph, The Dark Knight Rises, 360, Flight, and…*drum roll*…Tarantino’s upcoming Django Unchained? I love everything Tarantino puts his crafty fingers on, so I’m sure I’ll enjoy the film despite this somewhat laid-back trailer.
  • Circuit 3 continued this week with Angelina Jolie! I’ve never been a fan of this half of Brangelina, but happy birthday and may you find a film project I can wholeheartedly support. Another new series was introduced this week: Editor-in-Chief Clayton Davis’ “Oscar Question of the Day.” We posted our first question about a popular lady on this site, the incomparable (nomination-wise) Meryl Streep. Which Oscar of hers would you swap out for a non-winning nominated role? Please let us know!
  • Lest we forget that film was inspired by the most ancient of entertainments, the play, Terence Johnson gives us his predictions for Broadway’s biggest night: the Tonys! Who will walk away singing and dancing more than they already do on stage? Find out June 10th, only on CBS.
  • I end the round-up, as usual, with what I consider to be the most salient part of the week. Without a doubt, I have to give it up to the start of our two week-long series of the AC Staff’s “Top 10 Greatest Films of All-Time.” So far, the four of us who have participated have each brought a new perspective to film that is so different from the rest. More than anything, we revealed the standard of movies by which all films must be held to if they ever want to someday top this list. So without further ado, here are Mark’s, Terence’s, Joseph’s (third person alert!), and Michael’s choices for the “10 Greatest Films of All-Time.” Stay tuned for the rest of the staff’s unveiling over the next few days! Thank you all, once again, for making The Awards Circuit be your come-to site for all things film, television, and awards. Let’s make next week another golden one!



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